Where Do You Fall On The Marital Rating Scale?

Ladies! Put down your red nail polish! This Marital Ranking scale from 1939 will let you know whether you even deserve to have a man. Fortunately, you’re living in an age where divorce is still frowned upon, so that’s good, but if you get enough demerits your husband will not let you go to the milliner’s for a new chapeau, and then you will look fucking ridiculous the next time you go dancing at El Morocco.

I wish I lived in 1939.

I would totally paint my nails bright green, or whatever color they seem to want. The answer is lime green, right?

marital ranking

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    • cristina

      there must have been a much bigger list, because the 12 “merits” shown in the picture, including the two that get 5 and 10 points respectivley, can obviously not add up to the “very superior” 76 score :)

      • Lo

        Sorry, you get another ten points deducted for using math.

    • Lo

      -13! Damn my gay sense of humour.

      The husband chart is splendid, too. Merit #9 should only count if the husband puts on a different voice for each paragraph.

    • E.W.

      I failed, I failed before I even go to the demerits section :-/

    • Fabel

      I fail everything, especially #9

    • Maris

      “Wears soiled or ragged dresses”? We’re talking about women, not house elves…right?

    • Jinx

      LOL I totally put my cold feet on my partner to warm them.

    • Niamh

      If I’m letting my husband sleep late on Sunday, whose going to drive the children and I to church?

      • Holly

        Not sure, but apparently you’ll be in the back seat like a good violin playing, straight hose wearing, lady.

    • Aimee

      damn me and my slovenly, insomniac, harlot (that’s what the red nail polish means right?) ways; I got a negative 6. Guess I need to tell my boyfriend he shouldn’t ‘put a ring on it’

    • Gracie

      10 demerits 3 merits. Good thing I don’t want to be a wife. :)

    • riona

      this was written by a man with a phd, wow.

    • Arthur

      I just counted the highest possible scores for husbands and wives and guess what? Husbands can get a max. merit score of 146 (if they take their wife out on date 4 times a week), while wives can only reach 120 (if they have 4 children to take care of). It´s of course the opposite with demerit scores: Husbands can fail with 90, while wives can reach a fail of 102. Subtract the numbers and we have a balance of 18:56. So, according to the score system alone, husbands are generally 3 times more superior to wives. Good work Dr. W. Crane, Ph.D., M.D.!