How To Do Cupcake Nails (And What To Wear Them With)

I pointed this manicure out to someone and they scoffed “infantilizing! Infantilizing women!” And I replied “you are selling cupcakes short. Adults eat cupcakes. You don’t know what’s in a cupcake. It could be bacon, the toughest and most dangerous food.” I think the most dangerous food is actually blowfish or maybe a live human being, so I was factually inaccurate. Also, I don’t know how that argument made having cupcakes on your nails “not infantilizing.” It was lunchtime. And this manicure is cute. You should wear your cupcake nails with this Alexander McQueen power dress. You can be all sugar and spice, and if someone suggests you are adorably childlike, you can just look at them and say “I eat people like you for lunch, like bacon cupcakes”.

alexander mcqueen

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    • Ashley Cardiff

      Way to tear readers down the rabbit hole, Jen. I’m going to sit here blinking for a while, unable to understand what just happened.

    • Arnie

      I’m not sure why, but I have decided that blowfish cupcakes need to be made. I wonder if anyone has ever tried this. Maybe in Japan, where they make sardine ice cream and other such delicacies.

      Turning live human beings into cupcakes would likely be a tad more difficult.

      Clearly something is horribly wrong with my head.
      Nails look highly awesome.