Retro Snap: Do You Recognize This Sex Symbol?

johnny depp dark shadows

Or rather, somewhat futuristic snap?

It’s Johnny Depp in his upcoming role in the movie versionof Dark Shadows (in which he plays a vampire). Though, when I first glanced I thought it was Michael Jackson, from his role in this thing called life.

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    • endn

      Is anyone else sick of johnny depp dressing up in crazy tim-burton-captain-jack bullshit?

      • stella

        I’m not. Well, I’m pretty tired of the Pirates movies, but not the Tim Burton weirdness. I love that Johnny Depp has chosen this quirky, interesting route instead of trading on his looks in horrible rom-coms or bombastic action movies like many of his peers. Besides, these days when he does a movie “out of costume,” ala the Tourist or the Hunter S. Thompson vehicles, it’s a big snore.

      • Lemona

        “When he does a movie ‘out of costume’. . . it’s a big snore”

        –that’s the problem, isn’t it? In addition to the problem that the recent costumes all look similar (extreme white face, weird eyes, fake hair, cutesy Victoriana) the costumes seem to be obscuring the fact that he fails to create full-fledged characters. “Kooky” is a trait, not a personality. Depp’s Willy Wonka and Mad Hatter weren’t full characters. I blame Tim Burton for this along with Depp.

        Remember that movie in which Depp wasn’t in kooky attire, and he created a memorable character? No, I don’t either.

      • MR

        @Lemona: ‘Once Upon a Time in Mexico’. I especially like that scene where he wore the CIA t-shirt. But yeah, Ruben Blades’ character and Mickey Rourke’s and of course Eva’s and El Mariachi, they all carried him.

    • Lemona

      So sick of it.

    • liz

      The Burton costume was a dead Depp giveaway but he looks exactly like Elijah Wood.

    • MR

      Do you have any photos of Helena or Michelle? Ha. I have a memory of the original ‘Dark Shadows’, but I’ll spare you of it. :)