Arizona Law Would Let Employees Discriminate Against Women Who Take Birth Control

Well ladies, a few lawmakers in Arizona have decided that it’s a nice day to take your health and shit all over it. A new bill introduced to the state legislature is HB 2625, and it’s geared towards making sure that employers don’t have to pay for contraception through health insurance. But more than that, it would also ensure that they don’t have to hire, keep around or treat with any respect women on their payroll who are taking birth control, for any reason, through employee sponsored insurance or otherwise.

Religious employers in AZ already don’t have to provide coverage for birth control, but the new bill — which has already passed through the state’s Judiciary Committee — extends that right to all businesses in the state.

But that’s not all! A summary of the bill describes one provision as such:

“Removes the provision that prohibits religious employers from discriminating against an employee who independently chooses to obtain insurance coverage or prescriptions for contraceptives from another source. ”

Did you get that? It’s written in a double negative, so let me rephrase to make sure we’re all on the same page: this bill specifically allows discrimination against women who take birth control. It literally writes discrimination back into the state law.

Oh, and one more thing. The bill would let those employers — you know, all of them — ask for a doctor’s note (remember those? from grade school?) from women so that they can figure out whether the woman in question is taking her birth control for, say migraines, or because she’s just a big whore. The employer would then get to decide whether that woman could keep her job.

So, since this bill is clear and unequivocal in its disregard for the fact that women are adults, and we are actually protected by the very same laws of freedom and privacy that protect men in this country (I know, I forget sometimes too!), let me be as clear and unequivocal as I can in return: GO FUCK YOURSELF, ARIZONA.

This isn’t a strike against women’s health, as pro-choice mouthpieces are so carefully saying. This is a fucking outrage. This is about medication. This is about some cunt in Arizona thinking that she (oh, yeah, the person behind the bill is a woman — Republican Debbie Lesko) can tell every other woman in her state what kind of pills they can or cannot take.

We spend a lot of time here in the U.S. decrying the way that women are treated in other countries, but this kind of legislation — the kind that legislates against MEDICINE — is no better.

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    • me

      this it total B.S.

    • Sarah

      I hope every gynecologist in Arizona is ready to write notes excusing all AZ women from this kind of legal discrimination.

    • Kat G

      This is in direct conflict with HIPAA (and to the constitution if you really want to get into it as we are to be free from religious persecution). I sign a form every time I go the doctor saying I understand HIPAA. If something this horrendous passes, I’m assuming I’ll get to sign something that let’s me know to lie to the doctor about why I want my Seasonique.

    • Kj

      Do people have no lives?! Like, seriously. No. Lives. Nothing better to do than find ways to make people’s life more difficult.

      Hey, Debbie Lasko, who the fuck do you think you’re representing?! What kind of good is this going to do people?! I bet I could think up about a 1000 things with a nice, solid, factual basis of a negative impact on your constituents that you could work on, instead of trying to ruin the lives of countless responsible, hardworking women.

      I can’t think of an insult bad enough for the sponsor of this bill, and those who support it. I mean, with pro-lifers I can kind of get it. I can. Abortion is an ugly thing, no matter how you cut it. But contraception is a whole other ball game, and if you try to fuck with that, I fully endorse you being fed to a herd of rabid jellyfish.

      Aaaaaaargharghargh. Off to go do this.

    • Jane

      Thank god I left AZ when I did, a few years back. Odds are, I would be fired. Because I’m a big whore.

      Seriously, it’s 2012. Can we grow up already and give people proper health care without judgment? Is this so hard?

    • Jonathan Morse

      If you believe life begins at conception then the contraceptive pill is a form of abortion as it prevents the fertilized egg implanting within the womb. They don’t call it a contraception pill they call it something else accordingly. They probably don’t call it abortion.

      If you believe life starts when the foetus is capable of independant life then it isn’t. I believe that as long as the foetus is in the mother it should be the mother’s choice. Apparently Roe vs Wade goes someway to define where life starts as far as US Law goes.

      I don’t understand why pro-lifers aren’t against the motor car, given the amount of people it kills. Maybe because in this case they understand the concept of free choice.