• Thu, Mar 15 2012

Kim Kardashian Tweets Topless Photo Of Self

Kim Kardashian continued to be the world’s biggest asshole this week, when yesterday at 2:00 AM she tweeted the above topless photo with the caption, “Can’t sleep tonight …” We imagine the elipses is meant to imply, “It’s late and I need validation from a legion of strangers in order to feel alive.” In related news, sometimes Kim Kardashian puts unnecessary spaces between words and elipses. Why? Why does she do anything? I don’t fucking know.

We did, however, laugh out loud at this creepy dude’s response:


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  • Kai

    No one is supposed to believe that she took and PhotoShopped that photo at 2.a.m. out of boredom, are they?

    • Kj

      Hahaha yes, I was just thinking, that looks pretty professional to me >_> She probably has a personal photographer on call at all times – you never know when you might need a glamour shot.

  • rita

    hey! That’s EXACTLY how i look when i take pictures of myself late at night when I can’t sleep. I also have a magically way of placing the camera so I can use my hands to barely cover up my nipples. Thank God KimK understands me!