You May Find Lana Del Rey’s New Cover Art Very Offensive

The Hackness

As you probably know, the “Somehow Even Less Talented Nancy Sinatra” is obsessed with death and dirty glamour and needle drugs and car crashes and nebulous Hollywood tragedy like every girl with a Tumblr ever, so she’s no stranger to pushing boundaries or something. Here is the cover art for her latest single, “Blue Jeans” which is causing a small internet-only stir. Behold:

Is she being choked? Is she dead and the tattooed man is checking her pulse? Is it just totally innocent and not alluding to anything odious at all? Is it a desperate ploy for attention as her fifteen minutes draw to a close? Honestly, we think the most offensive thing about this is how liberally “Blue Jeans” borrows from “Wicked Game.”

Between this and 16-year-old Hailey Clauson getting choked out in Pop, suggestive violence against women is whitehot right now.

(Cover art via Idolator)

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    • Katie

      Oh my god it DOES sound like “Wicked Game”!

    • Nicole

      The author of this sounds dumb as hell right now. That doesn’t look a THING like choking, who holds two fingers on a person’s chin when they’re choking someone? This is not a poster for violence at all. Stop being so pressed about this girl, you’ve made yourself look like a fool.

      • kyuss


      • perry

        THEY HATIN’

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Thanks guys, but I’d like to personally assure commenter Nicole that I am, in fact, dumb as hell.

      • Maggie
      • Pistou

        “Honestly, we think the most offensive thing about this is how liberally “Blue Jeans” borrows from “Wicked Game.” ”

        I don’t think the author is as outraged as you think.

      • Meghan Keane

        Usually when I am choking someone out, I need at least three fingers. Duh.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        That just hasn’t been my experience, Meghan. I can do two, easy.

    • Bree

      My vote goes to “desperate ploy for attention,” with a little from column “being choked.”

      • Ashley Cardiff


    • Kay

      He’s caressing her face before he goes in for the kill.

    • Cee

      I’m sorry. I just see her trout mouth and can’t get past that. That alone may make me straight if it doesn’t go away soon.

    • Emily

      How does she keep getting more horrible?

    • Marissa

      I like her voice. I like her look. I’m not sure why everyone thinks she’s vying for attention and inauthentic. In fact, if she’s vying for attention, her video should be a little more shocking what it is.

      People seem to think that because her personality wasn’t executed as well as a Britney or Madonna, or even Amy Winehouse, she’s somehow more fake. Is she truly “indie?” Of course not. But who is these days? Plus I like how she is inspired by Laura Palmer’s dancing!

      • D

        Completely agree. Plus I really like this vibe she’s got going on. I wonder what the haters’ music taste is, bet it’s terrible, hah.

    • Marissa

      This looks, aside from the whole choking thing (maybe she’s kinky and proud of it?), suspiciously like the album art of Florence and the Machine’s single “Shake It Out.”

    • Kate

      I thought you were being unnecessarily harsh. But then, I youtubed her and saw her SNL “live” video. My gosh, is she ever terrible. I’d rather eat a plate of hot garbage than to ever have to listen to that again.

    • Jesia

      I am so so so sick of images like this. It’s not edgy and provocative to allude to choking a woman.

    • Naomi

      The most offensive thing about that photo is how ugly his tattoos are.

    • Joanntheredhead

      Yeah, the artwork makes me a little uncomfortable–but, I’ve seen worse. That being said: I really DO NOT get the hatin’ on this young woman. I think she’s pretty good. My God–compared to some of the other female pop stars out there???

    • Kj

      She can also be fed to a herd of rabid jellyfish. It goes with the apparent under the sea theme.

    • Fabel

      Am I the only one who assumed that was her own hand? I mean, I guess she doesn’t have tattoos like that, but for a minute I believed that she did & she was just awkwardly caressing her face.

    • www

      lana del ray should just apologize to ashley cardiff for being prettier than she is, so we can all go about our lives without any more of these pointless articles.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        it’s been a devastating few weeks.

      • rafe

        STAY STRONG, ASHLEY! Maybe someday your lips will look like hemorrhoids, too!

    • sigrid

      watch the video, she wasn’t being choked. she’s too kinky for my taste.

    • C

      Scary maybe, but not offensive. As long as I don’t have to see it in the street.

    • Victoria

      Seriously? Even if you don’t like her, what is the point in posting shit like this? Do you really think she’s gonna lose sleep over this? If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

    • kiki

      stop all the hating!

    • TG Phila

      The writer of this rant calling someone a “hack”…that’s rich.

      Lana is hot, talented , and sexy. Stop hating, it won’t make you relevant or better looking.

    • nigguh

      LOL lana has a beautiful style in her clothing and her music. shit, i’d hit it. her voice is unique. but when is it bad to like the same stuff as someone else ? if that’s what she likes, then get over it. it shouldn’t be your problem anyways. you’re welcome.

    • onetimething

      To the majority of the people who’ve commented on this piece: the “she’s hot – ur not and obvi jelouss” mode of thought is fucking tiresome and only indicates that you haven’t stopped thinking like twittering biddies. What Miss Cardiff has done here is called Cultural Criticism, and by my lights it’s fairly witty, constructive criticism at that. Honestly, have you people ever been on Tumblr? The lost girl aesthetic is as rampant as it is vapid and burned out by its own angst. SO like why dont you all take your bad attitudes back to your day gigs and totally stfu! THanks betchess