Aubrey Plaza Wears Fake Moustache To Red Carpet Event, I Exercise Restraint In My Review Of The Look

Oh God, I am resisting the urge so hard to just tear this apart as a bunch of hipster bullshit. But look at this restraint! So far I haven’t said a thing about it.

Anyway, this is Aubrey Plaza, hipster-ette extraordinaire, at the premiere of “Casa de mi Padre.” Plaza, as you can see, is wearing a completely unironic pair of sunglasses with a fake moustache attached to a chain. Isn’t that darling? I am so taken with Plaza and her adorable-yet-subversive derring-do as she mischievously bucks the system. She really is an original.


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    • Cee

      THANK YOU. I thought I was the only one that hated these moustachios!

    • Clio

      Possibly even more annoying than those awful finger mustache tattoos.

    • ally

      Oh booooy. I feel major second-hand embarrassment for her for wearing this. April, stop being an idiot.

    • anon

      “She really is an original.”

      you realize that you sound just like the supposed sarcastic, jaded hipster you’re trying to make fun of, right? is that the joke? like some meta article about how hipsters are really the ones making fun of hipsters?

    • Zooey

      Aubrey plaza doesn’t try to be hipster, she doesn’t try to be anything. can she help it if a group of particularly detached individuals happen to be drawn to her? she’s awesome. and i’m not some super stealthy undercover hipster sent to defend her honor. i just don’t think this is fair. she’s not trying to be ironic or unironic. can’t a girl just slap on a mustache for some good mustachio-ed times? what is this world coming to……