Kourtney Kardashian’s Shirt Dress: How Do You Feel?

Shirt dresses are notoriously hard to pull off, and in the photo above, Kourtney Kardashian demonstrates why: because when done improperly, it just looks like you forgot pants.

Now, in my opinion, Kourtney’s “shress,” or “dirt,” if you will, teeters right on the edge of acceptable. It’s just long enough so that it doesn’t make you feel actual anguish over the likelihood of a serious malfunction, but at the same time, without a belt, or a legging, or even a denim short, it remains precariously unclear as to whether this item of clothing was actually intended to be worn as such. All I’m saying is, a strap of leather around the waist would have gone a long way.

How do you feel?

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    • E.W.

      Firstly, it needs a belt. Secondly, it either needs to be longer OR she needs to wear some leggings/skinny jeans with it. She just doesn’t look put together. I do like her flats though.

      • K

        Damn. I scrolled down here to write that exact same thing. Weird!

        I can only add one more suggestion and that would be to put on some shorts and simply unbutton a few of the bottom buttons so it’s obvious you’re wearing some bottoms.

    • Achelle

      I agree that a belt would make it look more like a dress…BUT it really wouldn’t make much of a difference for this particular photo considering the people behind her have on coats and boots…she probably needs pants too

    • Fabel

      It looks like a swimsuit cover-up when it’s clearly not supposed to be. Also, who are those people behind her? I like how they appear to be laughing at her.

    • Stephanie

      I think the best parts of this are the looks she is getting from the girls behind her…

      • Hanna

        Exactly what I was thinking. I feel that perhaps the back view is really the best part.

    • Katie V.

      I like it but that particular one is a few inches too short.
      And she’s pregnant. So maybe it would be longer without the bump?
      Some leggings would be nice in this case.

    • pam

      the best part of this photo are the girls in the background…

    • minbee

      Apparently this lady is pregnant, that being the case I do not want to see from where the child will emerge every time there’s a slight breeze so she needs to go back home and put some damn jeans on. I think calling it a shirt dress is being kind, it’s nothing more than a blouse.