Tiny Piglets Take Over The Runway At Toronto Fashion Week

If there’s three things we love, it’s adorable animals, runway gimmicks and tiny versions of regular things. During Toronto Fashion Week, they collided at the Korhani fashion show as several models came down the runway toting precious micropiglets. Sadly, in addition to being cute, pigs are also extremely intelligent and sensitive, so carrying them down a runway to deafening Soft Cell while hundreds of people cheer is probably the most terrifying thing imaginable for them. Also, the micropig industry is fucked up. So! Here is a slideshow of the Korhani runway accompanied by ominous facts about pig keeping from this government issued pamphlet of Guidance on the Legal Obligations of Pig Keepers. Fun fact: you can’t bury dead ones!

(Photos via TFW, MyDaily)

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    • Lindsey

      I think the piglets were just trying to escape from the hideous outfits… see slide five for reference.

    • Lizzie

      That piglet is going to need an experienced psychiatrist after all of this. The Three Faces of Eve might soon be remade as The Three Faces of Piglet.