The 7 People Who Celebrate St. Patricks Day

st patrick's day

Don’t worry, I remembered to include alcoholics.

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    • Anne

      My birthday is on St. Patty’s day. Does that mean I’m allowed to celebrate it?

      • Jennifer Wright

        Do you like novelty cocktails?

      • Tori

        Mine too! Hi birthday twin!

    • MR

      You know the Black Beer (Guinness) isn’t green? :) Oh, and the Nyc parade. It’s kind of cool in its own way – part of Celtic history. I think you grew up with the Long Island Irish? :)

    • Sam

      As somebody who probably drinks too much, I’m actually planning on staying in on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s one of the only days of the year where I view dealing the crowd not being worth the booze. :(

    • Nessy

      I got engaged on St. Patrick’s Day. At an Italian restaurant. In college. Because I am a southern WASP afraid of old maidenhood.

    • Sam

      Those are old looking college students. Not old, but older.