Jennie Garth Latest Actress To Act Like Moron On Self-Titled Reality TV Show

So, Jennie Garth recently announced that she’s starring in a new reality TV show, called “Jennie Garth: Little Bit Country.” Can you guess the premise?

No? Here, let me help: city girl moves to the country, has eyes opened to rough realities of life outside Beverly Hills, sallies forth in face of difficulty! I know, it IS an original concept.

Anyway, below is a clip from the show. In it, Garth and her assistant go to what appears to be a cattle auction. For about 90% of the clip, Garth acts like a moron…until she doesn’t, for about a second…and then she immediately puts the act back on. Watch, and then let’s discuss:

Curious, isn’t it? If I didn’t know better, I’d say that the moment in which Garth lobs a mediocre zinger at the asshole cowboy leads me to believe that she is actually an adult with a brain and a sizable pair. It’s just that for the entire rest of the clip, she insists on acting like an idiot.

And not a silly, goofy idiot — she actually affects stupidity. I’m a little curious to know whether it’s an act or whether she really is a ditz, but more than that, I’m curious as to why the stupid girl is making a comeback on TV at the moment.

Garth’s persona is exactly like so many other reality stars, from the OG Paris Hilton (respect), to the Kardashians, to the has-been former actresses trying to kick-start their careers again/pay their bills after everything has gone to pot (see: Denise Richards, Tori Spelling). When it comes to holding their own in life, they’re all basically like, “I don’t geeeet it! But I’m so cuuuute!” (twirls hair, chews gum) which is an attitude that would be annoying on a 15-year-old girl but is downright embarrassing on a grown woman.

So my question is, why? Garth is a lot more interesting when she breaks character and her voice deepens about two octaves as she tells her assistant to keep bidding, 0r as it takes on a sharp edge when she insults that douchebag in the peach shirt. So why not go with that? Why play up the fact that you just dropped $2,000 on cows that you don’t know what to do with? It’s tired. It’s not interesting. It’s annoying. Be smart, Jennie Garth, if smart you indeed are. We’ll like you more for it. I promise.

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    • Janna

      Well, either she’s a complete ditz or just manipulative and desperate for attention. I guess there’s a reason that the announcements of her divorce and her new show happen to coincide.

    • Erik

      Smart woman acting stupid to cultivate social currency? Never in a million years could I imagine such a thing happening… I’m a cynic who feels slightly disenfranchised from the rest of the human mob on this planet, so I think the show will succeed. Weak women look sexy to weak men and that market is huge and easy to exploit.

    • Zooey

      this is upsetting, mostly because i really like Jennie Garth…… Also, why is everyone pretending she’s some city slicker? Living in a city doesn’t make you a city slicker. She’s just a regular woman, looking to make some impractical purchases at a cow auction that no one seems to know why she is at. My theory? It’s all a cover-up for a secret drug cartel, and the drugs are tied to the stomachs of the cows. What other logical reason would her and peach shirt get so fiesty over a couple of cows? Obviously withdrawal symptoms.

    • Kelly

      So what if she’s putting on an act. And so what if she “Seems” to be stupid or in your words, a Moron!..Who really cares?…I mean, so what if she is starring on a reality show or not. Fans of Jennie Garth, like her for who she is. Not whether or not she is putting on an act or acting stupid. We, as human beings know the difference between Reality Shows and Reality! …So, to critique her in such a rude and condescending way, is quit ridiculous of you to assume that you have a right to do so!…It’s not your career that’s on the line here. And it’s not YOUR family that you need to feed!….It’s hers!

    • L.S.

      The best thing Jennie could do for her children is do what she is doing. Get them out of the city and in to the country. If she can make a living doing what she does best (as a actress) while living on her little farm, she should be greatly comended! I work at that livestock auction & was there when they were filming. Jennie, her daughter, her assistant, & yes even the cowboy in the “peach shirt”, all seemed to be having a good time. Kids love animals and the hands on experience she is giving them is the best thing for them.