Online Shopping Is For More Than Just Shoes: Here’s An Easy Way To Build Up Your Glasses Wardrobe

I’ve worn the same style of glasses my whole life, but after accidentally taking home my 16-year-old niece’s frames, I realized we wear the same glasses. Yet somehow, she still looks infinitely cooler. I decided I needed a new look. Ideally, I would love a couple of frames to mix and match with various outfits and moods. But the fact is, I just can’t imagine spending a whole day trying on a million different frames with a bunch of equally blind people and a moody sales rep, only to realize that the glasses I want — you know, the ones that accentuate my good side — are $600 above my price range. The idea of an extra pair seemed well out of reach.

After tiring of my agony, my niece suggested I catch up with times and, like everyone else, order my glasses online. So I did some research and found

At first, I was a bit skeptical of buying glasses online. Even at the store, it is hard to tell how glasses will fit, but takes that into account. They have a virtual mirror option and with some basic webcam pictures, I could see how different frames, looks and colors suited my face. There is also a function that allows you to type in your current glasses’ size and it shows you glasses that fit exactly the same way. In minutes, I found several pairs that I wanted to purchase. has a huge selection of prescription eyeglasses to choose from. It was really easy to find a style and fit that worked for me. Thanks to their FirstPairFree promotion, I only paid $12 for the shipping and handling of my first pair by using the coupon code: FIRSTPAIRFREE. (Offer expires March 31, 2012.) also has a yearlong return policy, so if I don’t like how a pair fits, or if it’s not matching any of my outfits, I can just send it back. That being said, I really liked the ones I got!

Coastal also has tons of sunglasses and contact lenses. And I discovered that they have a program where for every pair of glasses sold, they give a pair to a person in need. In the end, I not only helped myself look cooler than my 16-year-old niece, but I also did a good deed. Needless to say, I’m happy with my purchase.

Offer: First Pair of Prescription Eyeglasses Free
Restrictions: First Time Buyers

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    • Tamika A.

      I soooo hope this coupon code works for Canada. I’m all over this offer.

    • nike basktball sneaker and kicks

      This is nice blogs. most of the women not like online shopping.

    • Rebecca

      Ahhhh! This is awesome! I just picked up my 2 yr old $500 Carolina Herrera glasses to wipe them off and the damn things cracked in half. Right on the bridge of the nose. They are currently being held together by nail glue.

    • Meghan Keane

      I have been looking for new glasses for almost a year now. Clicked through here on Friday and bought a pair. It was so easy/cheap.

    • Jen

      Check out Zenni Optical too. They have cute and very affordable glasses. I ordered some recently and love them, even thought they’re not name brand.

    • sara

      Shopping 1 online, has all the best categories, brands, and products all in one place.