7 Reasons Why You Should Dye Your Hair A Ridiculous Color

With this generation of celebrities breathing new life into the neon and other bright colored hair styles, it might be time for the rest of us to join them. I’m not suggesting that trying to be like a celebrity is any way to live your life, but I am saying 2012 might be the year that you, personally, can pull it off. Had you tried to do it in 1963, it probably wouldn’t have gone over so well.

While there are several reasons why you should consider dying your hair some brilliantly flagrant color, and one of them is to piss off your parents; that shouldn’t be the only reason. When I went through my hair-dying phase I was every color under the sun and there was this glorious satisfaction when I’d come out of the shower with a new color and my mother would stand there and stare speechless. I was 17 years old.

Since then I have dabbled with other colors, but mostly not my whole head as I used to do. I’ve found that I’m more of a “few streaks” kind of gal, although at the moment I’m all brown. But also at the moment, I’m thinking it’s been too long that I haven’t let loose with an explosion of color on my head. I think the time has come once again.

I may not need convincing, but maybe you do. Let’s cover some reasons that may have you running to the nearest salon or the nearest jar of Manic Panic.

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    • Sam

      As you know…my hair is blue. :P And I STRONGLY advocate for everyone ever to dye their hair a different color. This girl wants ya to:

      • Sam

        But admittedly, while the conversation starter aspect sometimes gets old (7 years, I have had irritating strangers call me “Smurf” or “Thing 2″ and now Katy Perry), it still is sorta fun. Especially when somebody hot digs it, haha. My reasons are…honorable, right?

      • Amanda Chatel

        What the hell is “Thing 2?!?”

      • Sam

        The little blue-haired creatures that run around in red suits in The Cat and the Hat :(

    • Erin

      It’s from Dr Seuss. Thing 1 and Thing 2 are in The Cat in the Hat. They make really great Halloween costumes for duos…

    • Jeffrey Solis

      wow nice….
      hairs looking very beautiful in Ridiculous Color….
      i like it…

    • Siylii

      I like how this article is beating me over the head with the idea that everybody’s doing it, then states “You’re a rebel” as a reason to join in.

    • Miss C

      One word of caution: I went bright pink a week before Lily Allen did hers the same shade (NOT a fan, leave it at that) and then had to deal with the casual comments referring to HER, then years later I went blue 2 weeks before Katy Perry wore her hair blue at some big event, now don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t throw Russell Brand out my bed but again, most people thought I was trend-following her.

      My blue had washed out to aqua just when (you guessed it) Lady Gaga was making that her main look, by then I was okay with it, and also quite like the gal…

      But in my experience, do your hair one striking colour and you WILL be assumed to be doing in honour of whichever mainstream sleb wears that look, if the timing’s wrong. Streaks, multi-colours and faded tones don’t seem to attract the same copycat stigma.

    • anne

      I can’t dye my hair pink, it’s not allowed from my Mom, I HATE HER
      just stupid, it’s okay to dye my hair, but thats not what she thinks,
      by the way, I am only 12 and I live in the Netherlands, but I can perfectly speak English, I’M THA BEST xD <3 Kidding

    • Atarii

      Yeah, non-conformist! Just like everyone else!

    • abbey

      im working on a paper why I should dye my hair but to those who want there parents to let them say -do you really want me to be unhappy?-I wont have my hole life to do it and when I get older I wont get a good job or into a good collage because I would of dyed my hair as a adult (18)- its a life style and if you were truly professional you would understand that- and please just let me enjoy my childhood because I only get it once – and if all else fails just ask if you could dye it in the summers only because there is no school then and it is your break