Justin Bieber Stars In Disturbing, Blood-Spattered Shoot For Complex

Did you guys know violence is edgy? It is. Moreover, Complex knows it too, so they got fresh-faced fetus Justin Bieber to star in this surprisingly (impressively?) gruesome editorial about boxing or masculinity or something. Whatever. They didn’t really think it through that far. Their “vision” for the shoot likely never matured past “cover a famous eighteen-year-old in blood” and then they just rode it out. Looks like Bieber, for his part, is trying to terminate that wholesome image with extreme prejudice. This is his Gear shoot.

Here’s a few shots, which are NSFW if your work is against teenagers getting the shit faux-kicked out of them.

(via Complex)

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    • Danielle

      He still looks like a 13 year old lesbian.

      • Cassie

        Yeah and as such I’m pretty sure this photo shoot constitutes a hate crime. Shame on Complex for glamorizing bullying!

    • Cate

      All I can think of is the part of Fight Club where our narrator beats the shit out of the angel-faced prettyboy.