Kate Middleton Gives First Public Speech, Is Human

Last week, we heard the Duchess of Cambridge utter a few words, and it was good. Now, we get to hear her deliver her first official speech as a royal, and it is even better.

Kate made the speech at The Treehouse, a children’s hospice southeast England. She spoke slowly and deliberately in what was clearly a very well-rehearsed speech, although one that she apparently wrote on her own. Someone obviously told the Duchess to talk slowly, and pause a lot, which she did, and I don’t know, it just kind of warms my heart how hard she’s clearly trying and how much work she obviously put in to doing a good job on this speech. So, you know, happy warm fuzzy internet day.

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    • Sam

      This makes me cringe. It reminds me of my public speaking class in college. The pausing, flipping the hair, looking at notes. I know how you feel Kate.

    • helena

      This speech really makes me wonder about whether she had elocution lessons. Her voice is a little too perfect.