Kate Middleton Wore The Same Dress As Her Mom

Kate Middleton is a style icon for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is she knows what flatters her. The Duchess of Cambridge looks smart in coat dresses, kimonos, lace shifts–but almost always opts for sleeves (even on a certain big day). Moreover, the tan brunette looks great in cobalt blue, as the hysteria over her famous Issa engagement dress proved.

Middleton showed up to support the opening of the Treehouse Children’s Hospice in Ipswich, England today and looked radiant in Reiss:

That belt is driving us a little crazy but she has such good hair. Oh, also…

TWIST! TWIST! Kate purchased the £139 frock back around 2008 and lent it to her mother Carole Middleton in 2010 for Ascot (a horserace that requires such fascinators).

Look, this obviously is not news–we actually really like when famous people recycle clothes because they’re, uh, human. But we’re curious: have you ever swapped clothes with your mom? If so, send us proof because this seems strange to us!

(Photos via Getty)

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    • Nicole

      I would always wear my mom’s clothes, but she rarely borrowed anything from my closet. Not that it never happened though. But don’t even get me started on shoes – we were ALWAYS borrowing each other’s shoes.

    • KeLynn

      If we had similar tastes/bodies, why not? I don’t borrow from my mom just because we like totally different things and our figures, while they’re about the same dress size, are totally different shapes. If those obstacles weren’t in the way, I’d totally borrow from my mom and lend stuff to her.

    • Tania

      My mom and I borrowed each other’s clothes all the time. And shoes? I have lost many a pair due to her taking them and not giving them back. We’re the same size, she doesn’t dress like a frumpy old lady, so why not?

    • L

      My mom and I swap clothes, shoes, and accessories. She has style, so why not.

    • KeyKey

      My mom bought a pair of shoes and didn’t like them, but I happily wear them years later. We’re the same shoe size, of course. Otherwise, no. My mom is 40 years older than me. Dissimilar bodies and tastes.

    • Cassie

      Oh my gosh are you kidding me? I think the reason I took my time moving out was that I knew I’d lose half of my closet, haha. I always get the most compliments on my mom’s stuff, too…wonder what that says! We share everything but shoes (we’re different sizes) and underwear (’cause that’s weird).

    • Winter

      I used to do that too, I would ALWAYS steal clothes from Mum’s closet. She had this great peplum dress that looked great with her silver kitten heels on me. Shame she didn’t think so… and neither did my wife.

    • Camila

      Oh please, it’s totally normal… When me and my mom lived toguether que didn’t even bother to have separate closets!
      Everything was shared, wich made the grief of moving out a lot worse, knowing that my range of clothes would be a lot smaller…