Probing Question: Pajamas In Public Are A Bad Idea, Right?

Look, the obvious answer is, “No.” Don’t wear pajamas in public. Part of being an adult is putting on clothes. However, thanks to design houses like Louis Vuitton and (especially) Celine, pajamas have gone a little high fashion lately. Salma Hayek–who wears pretty much nothing but luxury labels now that she’s married to PPR CEO François-Henri Pinault–hurried though LAX wearing the above silk set.

We’ve been plugging our ears and covering our eyes for a little while, hoping this trend gets lost because the fashion industry has a way of getting you used to things that, rationally, you understand are stupid. Call us sartoial regressives (don’t actually; you’ll sound like a dick) but the only thing sillier than going out dressed for bed is spending thousands of dollars on silk pajamas. Check out a few examples and tell us if you’re swayed.

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    • Maggie

      People wearing pajamas in public is one of my biggest pet-peeves. How much effort does it take to put on real pants? Almost none. And with actual pants, you don’t look stupid or homeless. If you’re determined to wear something super comfortable in public, at least spring for some yoga pants. Pajamas are made for sleeping in, that’s it.

      P.S. Happy birthday Ashley! :)

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Hey! Thank you! That’s awful nice of you to say.

    • jeb

      Could be worse, have you seen adult onesie pajamas (try