Katy Perry Really Overdid It On The Makeup

Katy Perry might not have forged a name for herself with subtlety–she dresses like a rubber duckie, for one–but she may want to scale back a bit on the makeup. Here’s a paparazzi shot of the singer in England yesterday, heading to the Radio 1 building for a performance.  Although we’re not going to criticize an admitted acne-sufferer for skin tone insecurities and overdoing it a little on foundation, that in concert with the false eyelashes and heavy smoky eyes is transporting us back to middle school, when girls were just learning how to use makeup. At least she opted for a neutral lip, right?

(Photo via Daily Mail)

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    • Meppy

      I saw that the HuffPost is covering this too, and I’m kind of surprised. If she was off to a performance this amount of makeup is perfectly acceptable. Maybe it could have been blended a little better on her neck, but this is pretty much what one wears if they’re going to be performing for an audience (your skin needs to look flawless and your features need to pop, even for the folks in the last row) or if you’re going to be filmed (lights and close-ups make every flaw overly apparent, and these days if it’s on camera it’s forever, so that zit you had for two days will now last longer than you’ll be alive). Really the only problem here is that she was photographed in daylight first, which this makeup wasn’t designed for. She was also shot by paparazzis who weren’t necessarily out to make her look her best, whereas if this had been a fashion shoot in natural light with this much makeup the photographer would have made a point of compensating for that.

      Heck, I’m going to post this on the HuffPost article too. People are all up in arms over this over there. I’m indifferent to Katy Perry as a person, but I don’t get why people would bother being upset that she’s wearing a lot of makeup to her job as a performer…this just baffles me.

    • Niki

      This is pretty standard makeup for the stage… I don’t see how this is newsworthy. Stage lights and flashbulbs indoors wash out all the color and definition in your face very quickly without heavy makeup.

      Not to mention, I highly doubt many people’s skin would look any better under the lens of five thousand dollar HD cameras in broad daylight.

      • tilly


    • Kj

      Yeah, I’m gonna chalk this up to bad lighting.

    • Stephanie

      This article is pretty pointless, she looks fine. Lots of people wear false eyelashes, and the foundation isn’t overdone, it’s just bad lighting, and I would know, I’m a cosmetologist! This is not news-worthy at all.

    • raj

      LOL at how seriously people are taking an article on a site that likes to laugh about things. Get a life, people. It’s not that serious.

      • kit


    • Really?

      How is this normal stage makeup when her performance was indoors, at a radio station? And why are people being so critical about such a silly article?

      • Nini

        Radio 1 Building is a huge complex with a stage/performance area, not just a normal radio station. Indoor performance = bright lights on stage.

    • JennySue Makeup

      oh wow, that is a bit much. good call on the neutral lip:) guess you need to lay it on thick for a stage performance though!!