Beyonce Looks Ever So Slim Considering That She Just Had A Baby

Beyonce-birther conspiracy theorists, ready your engines — the singer/actress/spokeswoman/dancer/champion for girls was recently spotted out and about, and it looks like she took off that baby weight aaawwwwfullly fast.


This comes on the very distant heels of Mrs. Z’s “baby bump” collapsing on Australian television, prompting mass speculation that she wasn’t really pregnant at all, just sporting progressively larger lady humps, and that some woman, somewhere, was actually carrying the future queen of everything hip-hop, and probably getting paid enough to do so that she would never have to work again.

So, what do you think? Does this sway your opinion at all as to whether Beyonce was really pregnant?

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    • Karen

      I would not doubt for a moment that she arranged the birth through a surrogate. I’m not a Beyonce fan (gasp!) but I don’t really dislike her. What I remind myself when I think about a possible deception on her (and Jay-Z’s, and family, and friends’) parts, is that it MAY be that she and/or Jaz-Z had medical reasons for needing a surrogate, and it would be anyone’s right to keep that private, especially in light of their rediculous noteriety (and what that noteriety would do to everyone involved in a surrogate situation.) But, having said that, my first reaction has been be disgusted at the /possible/ deception.

      • Karen

        *Jay-Z… not Jaz-Z of course. LOL

    • Adri

      I am not a Beyonce fan, not at all. That said, I don’t understand WHY this matters. ANd how is it anyone’s business? What possible effect could any of this have on any of our lives, really?

    • patti

      After my first baby I held on to every pound forever and after the second one they dropped off immediately and then some, I would have easily have looked as much like my pre-baby self at the same point in time as Beyonce is here, even without Spanx. This is because of how every woman is different and so is every pregnancy and speculation is mean. Thus endeth the lesson.

    • Celia

      She’s been seen breast-feeding. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that something you can do only if you’ve actually given birth?

    • Kerry

      Dudes. COME ON. Its Beyonce. Of COURSE she looks amazing, I’m sure she worked her ass off (literally).