• Tue, Mar 20 2012

5 Good Reasons To Fake An Orgasm

meg ryan fake orgasm

I think pretty much any women’s magazine is going to tell you that the number one worst thing you can do in bed is fake orgasms. That is not true. The number one worst thing you can do in bed is “whatever Patrick Bateman did.” It is closely followed by “eating crackers.” Faking orgasms is around “number 72″ insofar as it is a thing that you are perfectly entitled to do if you want. Here are some perfectly reasonable reasons you might want to.

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  • Maggie

    I would say sexy-time actors shouldn’t fake it, because then guys will watch porn and get the wrong idea about what they should be doing to make you orgasm, although i guess if they are watching porn and thinking of it as sexual guidance there is no hope. Also, if you are having sex with someone and not feeling it, don’t fake it, just get rid of them.

    • ADL

      This. I’m not going to put some guy’s delusions above my orgasm. Sexytime acting is a slightly different issue – I guess it’s fiction? In any case, I watch gay manporn because there’s a pretty clear indicator that everyone involved is genuinely enjoying it.

    • Elle

      You’re right, and this is why ALL women shouldn’t fake it. Don’t set some guy up with delusions because you’re too scared to be honest. Sometimes it doesn’t happen. Eh. Whatever. That’s life. If he can’t handle that, you need someone else anyway.

  • leelee

    so much easier to fake it than having the awkward “this is never gonna happen for me right now” talk!

    • Elle

      No it’s not! “This isn’t gonna happen for me now” is all that needs to be said! It doesn’t have to be a long talk. It’s infinitely easier to be honest.

  • Jamie Peck

    I feel like I need to write a counterpoint to this, but am not sure how to do so without seeming judgmental towards women who fake orgasms. Dilemma!

    • Jennifer Wright


    • Ashley Cardiff

      DO IT JAMIE.

    • MR

      The woman needs to be allowed to empower herself. From the guy’s side I deliver, but I never try to direct everything.

    • kashif

      Hi dear . . .

  • Kj

    Now googling Patrick Bateman.

    Oh… that’s what I thought.

  • Dana

    As a woman who NEVER orgasms (OK, maybe five times in my life) I’ve done quite a bit of research and it SUCKS that ours is so COMPLICATED when compared to guys! Someone needs to create female Viagara!!

    • unique

      You may just need a new partner.

    • bux

      You need a prescription for Ecstasy .

  • A_Random_Guy

    Just be straight up. A guy won’t fake an orgasm, so why should a female? Quit beating around the bush and tell the fuck head he isn’t doing what you like.

    How hard is it to tell someone you like/love that you aren’t getting off?

    • jd

      disagree about guys never faking an orgasm. I’ve done it many times because there are times when I literally could go on for an hour and it just isn’t happening. Its when my mind isn’t into it fully and I’m pretty sure my partner is done and waiting for me to finish.

    • unique

      If you really care and love one another you will tell him
      what pleases you and he will tell you what pleases him. A mam
      should always please a women first.

    • Fabel

      Yeah, a couple of guys I know have confessed to faking sometimes. It’s not hard to do when there’s a condom hiding the evidence.

  • Brian

    People shouldn’t have to fake it.
    A relationship should be M.I.B. (mutual in bed)…