7 Reasons Why Bridal Showers Are The Devil

bridal showers

Anyone can roll their eyes at the wedding industry. It’s easy — TLC practically reformatted its entire programming schedule to accommodate “Say Yes to the Dress,” “My Fair Wedding,” “A Wedding Story,” and “Four Weddings.” And while tying the knot can be an enormous waste of time and money, at least it can be redeemed by the promise of love, happiness, and the promise of lifetime commitment.

But what about bridal showers? Decades ago, women often went from their father’s house to their new husband’s. What better way to sell, I mean, send them off in style than a party thrown by their mother in which all of her friends give her kitchen supplies and recipes? Now, women often live with their fiancés for years before he pops the question. So lunching in the name of a little bridal luck seems outdated at best. Or, led by a crowd of well-intentioned lady friends, they’re condescendingly misogynistic at worst.

Enough already! These are the seven soul-crushing-est reasons why bridal showers are pretty much the devil.

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    • Steph

      You don’t “owe” a gift. You never “owe” anyone a gift. If a gift is given begrudgingly and not with love, you might as well save your money.

      And who cares where she’s registered? If you cannot afford something from her registry, you should know the bride well enough to find her something she will enjoy. If you don’t – what are you doing there and why do you care about getting her a gift?!

    • Maggie

      This whole thing sounds really bitter… if it’s that difficult for you to support a friend, don’t go to the damn shower.

    • Pie

      I think this slideshow was spot on. I fucking hate bridal showers, no matter how much I love the bride. What a waste of time and money. How many parties can one person have for one wedding? Come on!

    • dime

      i think this was supposed to be funny? it wasn’t…just the “same bland sunday afternoon luncheon” version of this topic.

    • Amy

      I agree with everything Brandy. I love love love weddings and bachelorette parties, but bridal showers can get off my tits already.

    • Niki

      The only thing worse than bridal showers are baby showers. Lets watch grown women eat chocolate out of diapers! How zany and fun!

    • Geraldine

      LOVE “can deviled eggs make a comeback already”

    • Ella

      There is NOTHING bitter about hating showers. I refused to have one myself but was forced into one by my mother. They are primitive and a waste of people’s money. I would rather spend money on a pottery barn lamp for myself than for someone who already has a furnished home. Why should I be responsible for re-decorating someone’s home? Because of some primitive tradition? Quite frankly, they need to end.

    • bee

      Everyone hate’s bridal shower’s until it’s their turn to have one. Mine is coming up in 2 weeks and I couldn’t be more excited. I could care less about the whole gift giving. In fact I only listed things on my registry after my mother and grandmother hounded me. Since I live 3 hours away from my friends and family more excited about getting to spend time with them then any presents.

      So while people can bring gifts I don’t expect any I’d just rather have their company.

      Stop being “bitchy” and be a real friend.

      Side note: this exactly why I have a very limited few lady friends because instead of building each other up they get catty

    • LollyPolly

      Personally, i think those customs are el kitsch and primitive. I would never like to have one and I don’t go to these kind of parties. However, I buy gifts for my best friends and closest persons in my life and there are no more than ten of them altogether.