The #1 Fashion Trend At SXSW Was Simultaneously Attractive, Repulsive


When I was down at SXSW last week, I was mostly too busy seeing music and chewing on strange new leaves to really pay much attention to people’s outfits. And yet, everywhere I went, I couldn’t help noticing that every other girl seemed to be wearing some permutation of this:

If you can’t see from the picture, the girl on the left is wearing some cheek-skimming hot pants underneath a sheer mullet skirt that’s pure party in front, and pure business in back (if such a garment is ever appropriate for business).

Other girls I saw in this outfit wore leotards or bodysuits underneath, or sometimes just straight up underwear. Underwear that everyone could see.

I don’t want to get all fashion police-y here, but if you wouldn’t wear something on its own, how does draping a see-through piece of fabric over it make it any less see-able? Seems to me like this is a cowardly way to walk around with your buns out.

Personally, I do not need an excuse to walk around with my buns out. Some of my rompers are basically leotards, and I walk around all summer long with no pants on, because I think I’m Lady Gaga.

And yet…as the days went on, something about this outfit grew on me. Some girls looked really good in it! Was I only tricked into liking it because they were good-looking people, or is the hot pants/sheer mullet skirt combo truly a good idea?

I’m not sure, but I’m willing to bet I’ll have a lot more examples to show you in the coming months. It’s only a matter of time before this shit filters down to Urban Outfitters, and before you know it, your mom will be wearing one, too. You’ve been warned.

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    • Kj

      I see what you mean about attracted and repulsed. The idea is something that I hate, but at the same time, I kinda luuurve flowy sheer fabric in any incarnation. And I do think that it’s better than just walking around in your underwear equivalent, since the sheer fabric can disguise cellulite and lumpiness, etc. I’m sold… when trend decides to come to the Great White North, probably in like 5 years.

      Also: wow, that top photo is offensive. I finally get on a visceral level why that whole “appropriation” thing is offensive. Gross.

    • Kathleen N.

      Unfortunately (?) for everyone, I have seen this style of skirt countless times on the Forever 21 website. I am not sure how to feel about it. I don’t think this skirt would be appropriate during any part of my day. However, since I feel uncomfortable wearing anything shorter than Bermuda shorts length, this could really open some new mini skirt doors for me. I would feel safe knowing that I had a sheer curtain of fabric covering my legs.

    • D.

      I thought the #1 fashion trend was going to be the high cut wedgie shorts.

    • CH

      Hm… I was there all weekend and didn’t see this at all.

    • Goldie

      If it ever makes it to the Gap you’ll know that shit has run its course.

    • Siylii

      I’m pretty sure I saw this at Old Navy, which can only mean that this style is coming “in” at the same time that it is going “out”.

      Personally, I think it’s heinous.

    • minbee

      I worked at Topshop last summer and this shit was EVERYWHERE. Personally I like it because I don’t necessarily want to share my little legs with the whole world but don’t want to wear tights all the way through the summer months. However it’s a look best worn with a 5’10″ frame, 6′ legs and a glossy, messy-sexy top-knot. I don’t have any of these things, and I always wear a jersey mini underneath – no arses out on my watch.

    • jennfizz

      I was kicked out of school in the ninth grade for wearing almost the exact same thing (except I had a garter belt on under my boy shorts). It became a favorite weekend outfit. This was about sixteen years ago though.

    • Woo

      I have noticed this too!! All southern hemisphere summer this shit’s been eating away at me.