Fashion Showdown: The Olsen Twins Vs. Troll Dolls

Both are style icons. Both have made millions selling themselves to young girls. Both have small faces and extra malleable hair. Now, once and for all, we must decide who has better style: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen or Troll Dolls.

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    • L

      Slide 3: that photo’s from like 2004, they were 18.
      Slide 5: That’s MK, not Ashley.

      • MKORA

        3. Too old to dress like baby troll dolls
        5. Interchangeable!

    • Rose

      MK & A are prettier, but the Trolls have better hair

    • vomiting

      MKORA: Are the girls really dressed like trolls in slide 3, though? They just look like two eighteen-year-olds in puffy skirts for a photoshoot. The shoot is from 2004, which is probably when the Olsen=troll joke grew old.

      Also, they aren’t interchangeable. They’re fraternal twins.