The Pantsless Fashion Trend Has Gone Too Far

Have you ever heard people repeat “Tights aren’t pants” like a mantra? We have, and we hear leggings aren’t either. We do think there’s some leeway on the subject–tights certainly enable you to get away with shorter skirts, though we agree that Sienna Miller took it too far that one time.

But nothing really prepared us for the April cover of Harper’s Bazaar Spain, featuring a very, very pantsless Izabel Goulart. The Victoria’s Secret angel was shot by Nico in an Emilio Pucci jacket and, uh, shoes.

This is very silly. Or art. One of those.


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    • Chef

      I think the Gloss staff’s lack of proof reading has gone too far. Or perhaps lack of editing?

      • Amy

        pfft… I wish I weren’t wearing panst

    • Lemona

      That’s a great jacket, but it is almost impossible to see because of the pant-less-ness. If the model were wearing simple black pants (of any cut), the jacket would be the focus, and then the post would be, “Do Matador Jackets Ever Go Out of Style?” Alas.

    • D

      I’m too busy fapping…