I Was Never A Lipstick Girl, But Now I Won’t Go Anywhere Without It

I chose against the photo where I was smiling, because I felt this was more "don't mess with me and my lipstick."

I’ve never been one of those girly-girls. As a kid, I was the only girl on my little league team, and as an adult, although I do wear dresses and skirts almost everyday, I tend to do it in more of a playful tomboy way, than that of a sophisticated woman. I still, and will always be, a tomboy at heart.

But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started exploring my feminine side a bit more. I’ve started wearing heels as opposed to my beat-up old Chucks, and I’ve even dabbled in using make-up. A couple years ago I bought my first tube of lipstick. It was “Saint Red” by Lipstick Queen, the line that Vogue‘s Poppy King started. I decided from then on I would always wear this lipstick, because I loved the color – not too bold, but not too subtle – and personally, I thought it looked great. I wore it for about a month while I was abroad, and when I returned, with one word from a particular fella I was hanging around at the time, I stopped wearing it. He always said I looked ridiculous in heels and lipstick. So I went back to my gloss; my clear boring gloss.

Right before I left for Paris, I decided that I didn’t care what anyone thought or said, I was going to get myself some red lipstick, and I was going to wear it every single fucking day. Even if I was just running errands, I was going to wear it; and if I were the type who went to the gym, I’d wear it there, too.

Honestly, I love lipstick. It’s makes the tomboy in me feel pretty and confident. So I marched myself to a Chanel counter and tried on a couple shades of red. And you know when you have a moment in your life when you realize something has been missing and all of a sudden it’s finally there? That’s exactly how I felt when “La Fascinante” from Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velvet line was put on my lips. It’s dramatic, goes well with my dark hair and blue eyes and, in my humble opinion, stunning. It does translate to “the fascinating one,” and how can you not love a name like that?

So here I am sitting on the terrace donning my red lipstick and am being all proud that I’ve finally come this far in my life to wear such a color. Sure, it will result in red lipstick stains on glasses and upkeep throughout the day, but considering how sexy it makes me feel, I’ll never go anywhere without it again. And if some fella doesn’t like it, then he can fuck off. Conforming for a man is a mistake I’ll never make again.

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    • Breeza

      Love this post. Good for you. You rock that lipstick!

    • macalny

      I love it! But I often love lipstick on others and feel like I look like Bozo the Clown when I put it on me. Did you experience this? I too am a complete tomboy (amen for being the only girl on the little league team!) but my vice is mascara – I feel totally naked and tiny-eyed without it. I wear it to the beach and at the gym and to do absolutely nothing on a Sunday. I applaud your lipstick decision and wish I could rock it like you do. Keep on keepin’ on, sister.

      • Amanda Chatel

        I totally felt like Bozo at first because outside of mascara I don’t where ANY make-up. But I just kept doing it and eventually you get used to it. And after awhile my friends stopped asking “Why are you so dressed up?” I could be in overalls, but the lipstick would get that response. (I don’t own overalls… but you know what I mean.)

        So give it a try!

    • BeccaTheCyborg

      Damn, that looks amazing on you.

      I love lipstick, though I don’t wear it super often. My fella doesn’t like it, but he did help me scour a sephora to find the absolute perfect shade of red for me (Nars Pure Matte in Vesuvio!) because he is awesome, and not a jerk.

      When I feel cruddy (which is often), lipstick is the answer. It makes a lovely distraction from exhausted/in pain/ having yet another anxiety attack.

    • MR

      I think you look great. Your hair’s nice too.

    • Sam

      I had that moment the first time I put on Ruby Woo by MAC. Several years and several tubes later and it’s still my favorite red of all time. So lovely. I’m glad you had your own miracle mouth moment :D

      • Janna

        Ha, you beat me to it! I was going to write the same thing. Ruby Woo looks fantastic on so many different people and with so many different styles.

        Also: NEVER stop doing something you love because your BF doesn’t like it. You know, except if you love killing puppies. Or voting for Santorum.

    • gigi

      cruella by NARS… i shy away from jewelry, let alone make-up, but this red looks beautiful. lovem love, loooove it!

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I wear Cruella all the time so I second this.

    • Kylie

      You look great! I believe there’s a shade for everyone, but I haven’t found mine yet.

    • Amanda Chatel

      Thanks for all the compliments and suggestions, everyone! I love you!

    • Lola

      You look great! This is inspiring. I never wear makeup or do my hair because I could never get the hang of it (although other than that I’m not really a big tomboy!). But I really want to start wearing lipstick. It just seems to wear off so fast! I drink water all day and it seems to come off on my cup/straw immediately. I’ve tried a few brands’ “long lasting” types but they don’t seem to work. Any tips? Or I suppose, like you said, I just have to commit to the upkeep throughout the day.

      • Amanda Chatel

        Honestly, my only tip is upkeep… but this lipstick I have is a matte, so it sticks a bit longer than I thought it would.