Belvedere Runs, Then Pulls, Incredibly Rapey Vodka Ad

Belvedere vodka made a lot of people rightfully angry earlier today when they published an ad featuring a ridiculously tasteless rape joke as its centerpiece. The original has since been pulled, but unfortunately for them, there are still screen caps of it all over the internet.

As you can see, the ad features a guy in a button-down shirt (perhaps he just came from work?) gleefully grabbing a woman from behind against her will, alongside the copy “unlike some people, Belvedere always goes down smoothly.” Get it? “Goes down”? Like, gives you a blowjob?

To Belvedere’s surprise, many people did not find the idea of forced oral sex funny, and said so. They’ve since pulled the ad and replaced it with this apology:

As you can see, many people were not impressed. I must say I agree with the woman who said “RAPE IS NOT FUCKING FUNNY FUCK YOU,” as well as the one who asked “How on earth did anyone there think that was remotely ok??” Good fucking question! I’m going to guess their thought process went vaguely like this:

1.) Identify douchebags as target demographic.

2.) What do douchebags like? Popped collars? King Of Queens? Dub step? Oh, I know…rape jokes!

3.) Take a “jokey” photo of one of their friends pretending to rape another, make an ad out of it.

4.) Profit Apologize.

Cool strategy, bro. They’re also idiots for failing to realize that a whole bunch of vodka drinkers are women and non-douchebag men. I, for one, plan to take my disposable income and massive yearly vodka intake elsewhere.

(Via Jezebel)

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    • BL

      At the risk of sounding like an oblivious dunce, this doesn’t seem like it’s making a rape joke?? maybe he went in for a hug or tried to advance the situation (innocently!!!) and just wasn’t “smooth” about it and got rejected? Iunno, my mind just didn’t automatically jump to: RAPE!!

      And yes – “Get it? ‘Goes down?’ Like, gives you a blowjob?” Yes, it works as one interpretation, but it does seem like a stretch.

    • denny

      Apparently, the ad is supposed to communicate that the GUY does not go down smoothly — he has an abrasive personality that doesn’t go over so well with the ladies. Hence the look of horror on the woman’s face. Still, terrible photo and copy; my stomach absolutely turned when I saw it. The company should fire its ad agency, stat.

    • Holden

      Um…. Have you ever in your life heard one of your friends say something like, “Oh, Tyler just doesn’t go down well,” in reference to their personality, demeanor, approach with women, etc? It was obviously sexual innuendo, c’mon people.

    • Katy

      no. look at her face! she is not someone who is being pleasantly surprised!

    • Haley

      “We’re sorry if you were offended” is no apology at all.