5 Good Reasons Not To Fake Your Orgasms

Jennifer‘s post the other day about “good” reasons to fake an orgasm left me feeling somewhat conflicted. On the one hand, obviously you can do whatever you like in bed, and it’s none of my business. IT’S YOUR FUNERAL. On the other, I think you are doing yourself and others a disservice in a variety of ways if you “fake it.” I’ve used Kim Kardashian as the main image for this post because she’s a big, fake faker who almost definitely fakes her orgasms in her sex tapes and all the rest of the time, too.

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    • Sam

      I’m not faking anything with my boyfriend. I tell him what i like, he tells me what he likes. How hard is that?

      And it won’t ruin their confidence. Most guys (the ones I’ve come across) have some to spare anyway.

    • Elle

      YES to all of the above. Cheers!

    • Brian

      People shouldn’t have to fake it.
      A relationship should be M.I.B. (mutual in bed)…

    • Eileen

      I don’t really agree with Jen’s reasons, and I’ve never faked an orgasm.

      But. I understand the desire. I get myself off really easily, but other people – no matter how well they’re taking direction, or how much they want to do it for me – just aren’t as successful. And when a guy says, “I really want to make you come,” and then puts in a lot of tireless effort into making it happen, and it doesn’t, then I feel bad. I don’t fake it. But at that point I often want the orgasm for him more than for me.

      • Liz

        This is 100% me. Except that twice I HAVE faked it because the poor guy was working so hard and I just felt sorry and awful. And feeling awful is obviously not conducive to having orgasms.

    • Danielle

      Just noticed this: what’s up with Kim Kardashian’s boob in this picture? Is it photoshopped or is it really bigger than her head?

    • meteor_echo

      I agree with 99% of the article, except for one thing – yes, the journey CAN be better than the destination. It simply works like that in my case – awesome feelings during sex itself, and the orgasm is not a culmination but simply a finishing point.
      Also no, not every woman is able to have an orgasm every time she has sex.If that were true, anorgasmia wouldn’t exist at all.