Mondo Guerra Wins ‘Project Runway All-Stars’ With Clothes That Don’t Totally Suck

Alright alright, I don’t watch Mad Men, but I love some Project Runway. Judge all you’d like.

I have to admit that the All-Star season has not been my favorite bit of television. For one thing, Angela Lindvall is no Heidi Klum. For another, the show was obviously more interested in bringing together flamboyant personalities than creating real competition. It’s a common problem for any reality “All-Star” series, but it doesn’t make it less frustrating.

All that being said, the series still ended this week and it still managed to produce a pretty awesome winner. From the very beginning, this Runway was really Mondo’s to lose. He was obviously the most talented and most youthful designer to get passed over for the top stop. I mean, when Gretchen Jones beat him out in Season 8, there was almost a fan uprising. The show had to find a way to crown Mondo at some point in time.

And so they did. After months of competition, Mondo Guerra won the prize with a six-piece mini-collection thrown together in four days. Given the extreme time restraints, I have to admit that I like the clothes. I appreciate that he created his own ink blot prints to solidify his “therapy” theme. Sure some of the buttons are a bit big, but I can handle it.

For a series that’s had a hard time crowning winners that go on to successful fashion careers, with the exception of Christian Siriano, it looks like they might have picked someone with a chance to prove the competition right. At least in my less-than-professional opinion. Take a look at the clothes from his final show and let me know what you think.

(Photos: Lifetime)

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    • Lemona

      Anyone else a bitter conspiracy theorist who thinks there was no way the judges were going to crown anyone but Mondo?

      Anyone else think Austin should have won?

      • Janna

        Hells, yes! I mean, everybody knew Mondo was going to win. But I still hoped Austin would win. Not just because of his designs but also his attitude! He was always so grateful and tried to help his competitors, even though they (especially Mondo) kept snarking at him.

    • BeccaTheCyborg

      I cannot be the only one who’s a fan of Watchmen and thinks “hurrrm” at that inkblot dress.

    • Open-Minder

      Austin is indeed an excellent designer, and has just as excellent heart, to be sure.

      That being said, his designs are by and large similar to one another (on this season of the show), without a real depth of range.

      Those who would judge Mondo based upon his “snarky” attitude towards the end of the show must think they are watching “Project Atittude” or “Project Character” or something like that.

      Mondo is a creative genius, and he is just beginning his career. This was a very different season, and personally it would have been more fair to judge the all-star finalists based upon 4 months of work on a collection to showcase their true capabilities, not 6 looks in 4 days.

      How can any designer create tailored, finished looks to perfection in that time-frame? Even Tommy Hilfiger was incredulous about the quality of the collections!

      Mondo, as time will further reveal, is (or will become and is showing glimpses of being) in my opinion, the Salvador Dali of the fashion world/industry.

      I, for one, am so looking forward to his truly creative genius like the outfit in his first season collection that Kors called “crazy pants”.

      Simply amazing and congratulations Mondo! You inspire us all to rise above!

    • Rob

      How’s this for a theory? They didn’t crown Mondo in Episode 8 because they already knew they would do an All-Stars version and that they would crown him then? It’s the only way I can explain why they chose Gretchen over Mondo…

      • Open-Minder

        Y’know, as much as Gretchen really portrayed herself in an unflattering light (seemed almost that she was on a “Survivor” show rather than fashion design show), her clothes were quite unique and definitely had her signature “flair” or touches.

        Her clothes really were eye-catching for the average woman, and were very marketable as they flattered the average woman (on the whole).

        The models in her collection did look hot, though I am not a fan of the whole leatherette pants and such, but they had an ease to them that exuded an underlying sensuality, as well as a note of powerful woman.

        Very pleasing to the eye had it not been for all the schleppy sandals the clothing was accompanied with.

        It was a very polarizing issue at the end – who deserved to win? The true fashion-mogul-to-be Mondo, whose mastery of prints, fabrics and whimsy (LOVE the big buttons – very Art Deco/Dali-like…shows his youthful expressions), or the highly commercial albeit somewhat drab Gretchen?

        Tough call, but I think if the show and its producers were upfront about both their judging and reasoning at the start of the show, including their heavy hands in the decision-making process, the outcry would maybe have not been so loud.

        Still, Mondo had the last laugh and the greater price, including an amazing position/job!

    • dianna

      i honestly think that michael should have won.