The 1920′s Styles Are Alive And Well In 2012

Ralph Lauren

Now that we’ve already inspired ourselves with some flappers from the past, let’s look at how some of the designers implemented those specific fashion trends into their collections for Spring/Summer 2012.

There’s a lot of drop-waist dresses, cloche hats and embellishments that will have you thinking you’re in West Egg just waiting for an invitation to one of Jay Gatsby’s lavish fêtes. Thanks to these designers, (and probably a bit of Baz Luhrmann too), you don’t have to be Daisy Buchanan anymore to dress like you’re living in the 1920′s. So learn the “Charleston,” stat and get ready to swoon over these modern versions of one of the greatest eras in women’s fashion.

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    • EJ

      I’m sorry, but anyone who thinks a drop waist sack dress will hide your food baby is INSANE. it will hug your food baby. It will caress it in gentle folds of fabric and announce to the world “LOOK! LOOK AT THIS ROUNDED LUMP ABOVE ME! IS THIS BITCH PREGNANT? OR DOES SHE HAVE A NASTY CASE OF GAS? BACK AWAY, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE FARTING WILL START ANY MOMENT.”

    • Madison Taylor

      Love the flapper style! So chic.