Do You Need Help Styling Your Pubic Hair?

Hey, who doesn’t!?

We have a book for you. Hip Snips: Your Complete Guide to Dazzling Pubic Hair is going to “give you the lowdown on your down low mop“. Specifically, it’s going to have your down low mop (which is the only way I will ever refer to pubic hair going forward) resembling Peg Bundy’s hair cut, and we don’t even entirely know how that works. Honestly, we don’t know how most of these styles would be properly executed. Which is why you should buy the book, and tell us how it works out for you. Send pictures! Not in a weird way, in a scientific way! - $10, Amazon

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    • Lindsay Cross

      I’m going to spend hours trying to figure out how to send pictures of pubic hair “not in a weird way.”