How To Deal With Your Boyfriend’s “Crazy” Ex

bunny boil fatal attraction

He’s going to refer to her as “his crazy ex” so there’s not going to be an doubt that she is 1) an ex and 2) crazy. He’s most likely wrong about the latter, but let’s let that slide. What should you do?

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    • Ellen W.

      I f a breakup is bad enough and you need to be a little bit crazy, be a little bit crazy right at the beginning. Then you can look back in the short-term and say “Yeah, I’m still angry and it’s been three months and I would love to just stand in front of his house and scream like a banshee in the middle of the night so he worries that he’s going to die suddenly in the next year, but I already (act of non-violent revenge which you took) and that was great. That was enough.”

      And: Bunnicula!

    • Lindsey

      Maybe also consider that he did something terrible to her to make her that angry at him? Especially true if he has more than one ‘crazy ex’.

    • vomiting

      Anna Pavlova, not Anna Pavlovna. If she’s a favourite of yours and you love her name so much, make sure you’ve got it right. :)

    • Magda

      My favorite part of this was seeing Bunnicula!!!

      I have now been convinced to get a bunny and christen him thus. Its easter time… Its like fate.

    • Mary


    • Meredith

      As hilarious as this is, it is also so very insightful. Thank you.

    • G

      “Life is fundamentally about minimizing regrets”

      “and one day, you will go out and meet your ex at the Carlyle… and it will actually be sort of boring, and you will think “oh. Well. We’re fine.” And you will be.”

      and the part about the communications student who insults you in a vocal fry kind of way….

      are three of the best things I have read of the week and possibly month/year. All in the same unassuming slideshow.

    • Clio

      Sometimes exes are legit crazy though.

    • badideajeans

      This is degrading.

    • Emma Russell

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