Candice Swanepoel Enjoys Being A Supermodel As Revenge For Bullying

Someone should start a PR agency that only represents famous lingerie models and, on Day 1, teaches the models to stop bitching about all the bullying they endured for being beautiful, tall and thin. For one, come on. For two, everyone got bullied for everything. All the time.

The latest is Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel:

“A year before I got scouted, I would watch a lot of FashionTV. At school, I got teased because I was so thin and awkward-looking. But the girls on TV looked similar to me. I would say to my mom ‘The girls at school are teasing me, but I look like those girls on TV.’ A year later, someone took me to an agency and that’s it. Revenge is always… I know it sounds terrible, but it does feel good to show those people.”

At least she knows it sounds terrible.

Candice has GQ‘s May cover and Terry Richardson took all the semi-naked shots.

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    • Ellen W. (aka “Bucky Beaver” pre-braces)

      I always want to find someone who went to school with them who was also bullied. Did they know her? Did they think she was a fellow outcast?

      And yeah- depending on your particular makeup of kids, there will be bullying for anything from being good at school to being bad at school to being too rich or too pretty.

      Y’know, I was feeling kind of down about turning 31 next month and now I’m just so glad I don’t have to be 11 again.

    • Miss C

      So your point is, “at some time every child feels peer pressure and peer judgement, which hurts them, therefore bullying doesn’t exist”?

      Sorry but SCREW that – we have kids, in the UK, US, actually most of the world, suiciding because they are bullied, the teasing and tensions the other kids face (hard as they may be, I don’t deny) are NOTHING compared to what a target of bullying feels – please, check this link:

      Sorry if I sound angry but yes, I was bullied, and to meet my bullies later in life and hear them whine they didn’t enjoy school too… it was like hearing the final shovel of dirt fall on my pitiful shamed hurt childhood self.

      And yes I am no longer shamed, but I respect my hurt enough to not turn away when it gets carried forwards to yet another generation.

      (this all sounds a bit preachy, but screw it – on this topic yes I am.)

      • Miss C

        ^ My comment above was @EllenW, specifically – my bad for not hitting “reply” on her comment!

    • Stef

      Bullying hurts no matter how good looking you are. Just because everyone is bullied at some point doesn’t make it ok.

    • Nina

      My god, just because she has a glamour life now, doesnt mean she didnt have a hard life when she was a kid. I mean, bullying is bullying. Period. Seriously, no matter how beautiful you are, it feels BAD to be bullied. I mean, god, let the girl talk. Do the famous people have to be critisezed about EVERYTHING they say?! I bet the person writing this article has never been bullied. Well, let me tell you, it feels awful. So STFU and let the girl get her revenge.