Paula Deen’s Most Horrifying Deep-Fried, Butter-Drenched, Mayo-Smothered Recipes

It’s Alert Day®, which the American Diabetes Association describes as “a one-day ‘wake-up call’ asking the American public to take the Diabetes Risk Test“! We’re doing our part by celebrating diabetes crusader Paula Deen, who made the world a little more safe for diabetes, then signed a multi-million dollar contract to conveniently profit off its treatment! Say what you want about ethics, Deen’s a shrewd business lady! To honor Deen, we searched her website for the most appalling recipes: all drenched in buttermilk and mayonnaise. There’s even a recipe for peanut butter cheese fudge (the secret ingredient is Velveeta!)!

Honorable mentions to the deep fried bagel sandwich and deep fried truffle cupcakes!

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    • Jennifer Wright

      Do you challenge me to make and eat all of these? Go on. Do it.

      • G

        I don’t think anyone wants to bear the guilt of what would be your imminent heart attack. Then who would be there to tell us to throw yogurt at dinosaurs?

    • Tania

      The idea of using Velveeta in a fudge makes me feel a little sick.

      • Ashley Cardiff


    • Danielle

      Oh. My. Gawd.

    • Asss

      Mmmmmm good

    • Sunshine

      That makes me sick when i think about that.

    • Sunshine

      Y do u say mmm good?