Poll: Would You Rather Be Around People Smoking Pot Or Doing Cocaine?

pot vs cocaine

TheGloss does not endorse your absolutely rampant, habitual, unrepentant drug use.

No, really, we don’t! Because I find people who have just smoked a ton of pot absolutely unbearable. I can’t hand lethargic ramblings about the meaning of life and how we should all love each other, because it will make me go absolutely apoplectic. Like Maggie Thatcher. I also hate terrible movies.

Ashley disagrees! Or rather she says that the real problem is being around people who are doing cocaine, because, teeth gnashing megalomania. Which is odd. I love those qualities. That is how I feel all the time.

Being around people doing cocaine is like finding a bunch of new friends, all of whom have trapped me in a restroom to talk at a very snappy rate about the Icelandic economy.

So. Go cocaine! Team yeyo!

Though, um, hugs not drugs. Obviously.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.


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    • Ms. Pants

      People on coke think they are the most interesting people in the fucking world and will go out of their wayto PROVE TO YOU JUST HOW INTERESTING THEY ARE. It’s completely annoying.

      My general rule is that if you’re doing coke around me and try to prove how interesting you are, I get to stab you in the face to prove that you aren’t.

      • Ms. Pants

        Another thought: You’re hanging around with the wrong potheads. I never hang around one-love potheads. Gag me with your Marley-incarnate fantasies. Once beyond the age of 23, that shit doesn’t fly. It’s about adventures and funny things, and stoner gourmet snacks. Anyone who mentions one-love in the circle gets a boot to the ass.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Yeah. Not all potheads are hippies, Jennifer.

      • Ms. Pants

        Puff Puff Pass, Ashley. :-)

      • Jennifer Wright

        Re: Ms. Pants


        (It’s odd that cocaine users don’t have a quippier saying, but I guess it makes sense)

      • MR

        Jennifer, your Dow quip has seemed to unquip. Guess where the hippie money is? :)

    • Fabel

      I can’t never stand being around stoners, even back when I smoked. TEAM YEYO

    • Anne

      I just hate the smell of pot. So even for that reason alone, cocaine please! Plus what Jennifer said. Potheads are fucking annoying.

    • TKO

      I’m not an avid smoker, but I live with stoners and sometimes I get contact high. It only gets annoying when they decide to smoke before doing their chores, because it means I have to do the bulk of it if I want the house cleaned before a certain time. It’s also annoying when my clothes and hair reek of weed before I go out because I sat next to one of them while they were smoking. That said, I don’t know if I could justify watching stoner comedy and making midnight waffles/pancakes/scrambled eggs and bacon without them. Munchies are the best. Snoogans!

    • Eileen

      I’m with Anne. I never go to outdoor concerts anymore because the smell of pot makes me feel like I have to vomit. Chalk talk is annoying, but it doesn’t make me sick.

    • Jamie Peck

      It depends entirely on which drug I’ve ingested that particular hour.

      • MR

        It’s been a while, but I find it amusing these people don’t get the nuance of levels. Never do too much of anything, and always mix it. Jennifer’s Dewar’s would come in handy. :)

    • Anon. today

      I’m really weird about being around people who do coke because I sort of learned the hard way that cokehead boyfriends are pretty much always two out of three of the following: broke, violent, and impotent.

    • Kjon

      I don’t mind being around people who are (happily) high. That said, I find that even though I smoke the pots, I don’t like being around people doing it in public (like concerts) because I think it’s rude and attention-seeking. I live in Colorado where it’s usually no big thang and I’m “legal” by state standards but I still towel the door to my apartment and open a window out of consideration. No one has complained yet. I feel the same way about coke in that I don’t think it’s anything to “show off” – take it to the back bedroom or bathroom where there’s no audience.

      I think some people get a “high” knowing others are paying attention them.

    • Ruby

      I hate weed and i hate being around people smoking it because unless your also high or an idiot everything they’re going to say will be boring, senseless circular stories punctuated by wheezy laughter. So vote coke. It doesnt make boring people interesting but, in my experience, it at least doesnt make interesting people boring.

    • J.R

      I’d rather be around pot smokers….there is nothing more annoying than being around someone whose snorted and has diarrhea of the mouth. They NEVER shut up.