Gallery: Jennifer Lawrence Wore A Not-So-Good Outfit On The Red Carpet

Welcome to celebrity-dom, Jennifer Lawrence! Prepare to have everything you wear for the rest of your life cruelly scrutinized by bloggers like me. Starting with the outfit you wore to The Hunger Games‘ premiere in Madrid last night. We need to talk about it.

(Via Styleite, Getty Images)

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    • Moira

      I think the dress was a success! It’s a little short for my tastes, but her legs are in great shape, so she wears it well –better than the model, whose legs are so slender that the dress actually looks too big, I think. The futuristic and sporty vibe of the dress works well with the femme fatale heels. AND, it looks comfortable / easy to move in, which is ideal because it looks like she’s signing 800 million autographs.

      I wouldn’t wear it, but I don’t see anything wrong with her look. I think you’re calling her out on nothing. It isn’t even ill-fitting.

      If this post is supposed to be a meta thing, nitpicking nothing as a self-conscious jab at the art of nitpicking, um . . . it wasn’t.