The Editors Discuss: How To Seduce A Married Man

Best possible photo.

Esquire recently published a feature entitled “Why We Cheat” by Lisa Taddeo, which details her trysts with married men in elaborately, impressively purple prose. TheGloss is appalled all over and we think a better title might be, “Why Lisa Taddeo Is An Asshole,” because she spends a few thousand words explaining how being on the “side of the winners” is all about hating other women but loving to fuck their husbands! Actual sentence: “Every time I meet a married woman, I think about the things she does that likely annoy her husband.” Anyway, editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff are still reeling. Here, they dissect infidelity, why they wouldn’t fuck each other’s husbands and all the awesome shit they’ll do for their husbands to keep them from sleeping with Lisa Taddeo (like rappelling from ceilings unexpectedly)!

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    • Bergenia


      • Ashley Cardiff

        I actually prefer the German “abseilen.”

    • pkjane

      That was so awesome!

      • Sunshine

        U know sometimes is not only about sex.sometimes is going to be about revenge if u did hurt someone and if he or she didnt forgive they will find something they know that if i do this wil kill them. U know

    • MR

      How does a sister do that to her sister, and a husband do that to his wife? I couldn’t get past the first slide.

      • Stephanie

        Me too! Too gut wrenching. I couldn’t imagine causing so much pain to someone I love for…sex? I feel like the writer is leveraging sex to power. Which is ridiculous in her case because she’s not gaining anything besides false confidence.

    • Spastastic

      That woman is awful, and you two are fantastic. Also, Scrooge McDuck is the best.

    • serviceperson

      God I wish you two would post more often, some funny shit!!!!

    • porkchop

      I read the Esquire piece and to be honest I loved it.

      “sure-footed blowjobs”


      “up in her throat like a horse vitamin”

    • Miss C

      … you guys KNOW about the duck genital warfare – right?!

      (YES! I know this wasn’t what this post was about – but, sexual warfare, via status, control, and all that happy-crappy shite? I think my duck-dongs just proved… some kind of point! lol)