What I Would Do If I Were A Vampire And Lived In The ‘True Blood’ Malibu Mansion

The Malibu, CA house in the following photos is on the market for $54 million, but more to the point, it was once used as Queen Sophie-Anne’s home in “True Blood.” Fans of the show will recognize the indoor pool as the place that Evan Rachel Wood did some remarkably bad acting, and bit lots of people’s necks.

So, since Wood got to do it, it only seems fair that the rest of us should also be allowed to imagine what we would do if we were vampires and lived in this house. Here is my take on this highly critical question.

Photos by Berlyn Photography via The Huffington Post

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    • porkchop

      What the hell! Look at that place. We like to roll our eyes at illiterate tools who think American Psycho is aspirational. But what about the people who feel the same way about Citizen Kane??