The Editors Discuss: Is Game Of Thrones A Good Show?

No, HBO didn't sponsor this. We're just dorks.

The second season of HBO’s smash hit Game of Thrones airs this Sunday and TheGloss‘ editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff have decided to air out a long-standing debate: is the show actually any good? EIC Jennifer is hooked (because she loves conversations about power) while deputy editor Ashley isn’t so impressed. Ahead, they debate gratuitous sex scenes, pulp fiction, and Shakespeare. Then things get surprisingly personal.

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    • Tris

      There is actually penis in Season 1. The wineseller who attempted to poison Daenerys, and as punishment was tied naked behind a horse. Full-on penis in that shot.

      As someone who’s been a huge geeky fan of the books for the past 15 years, I am a bit disappointed with how HBO made it so trashy. (Renly and Loras’ gay love affair? Didn’t happen!) The books are equally full of blood and gore and titties, but they managed to do it without being sleazy. Though, really, I don’t know why I would expect anything else from HBO.

      Being the big geeky fan that I am, though, I still enjoy the show, even if it periodically makes me scream at the television.

      • Lo

        Ah, crap. I can take or leave fanservice, but I thought at least we man-likers were getting something to balance out all the titties. George R. R. Martin, you owe me dudes shaving each other.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Lo, please comment more often.

    • Kelly

      *Spoiler* the Dragon’s names are kind of stupid

      • Ashley Cardiff


    • h

      There is another penis too – when Theon Greyjoy is boinking his prostitute girlfriend. He actually has a kind of a boner too – which, unless it’s a prosthetic – makes me really curious how these sex things play out while filming… Is Anyone else completely baffled by how they actually avoid touching parts and legitimately boning when filming these sex scenes??? I mean, they’re right. up. in. there….

      • LCT

        I have ALWAYS wondered this! Apparently if the guy is shown they do actually have to um, self-stimulate for the camera. Thanks to the Fassy for that knowledge.

    • Jinx

      Ashley, if you like fun pulp and dragons, you should check out this BBC show called Merlin. There’s a sassy patronizing dragon and homoerotic subtext between ridiculously good looking British dudes.

      • len132

        I have ridiculous, terrible, shameful love for Merlin.

    • Jen

      Oh man, I am insanely excited about Game of Thrones starting back up! It’s ridiculous!

      Also, I so wish I had all the action figures from the movie Dragonheart! Jealous! Not even kidding!

      OK, I’ve used up my quota of exclamation points for today. !

    • Kate

      I am a Game of Thrones mega-nerd. The books are incredible and the show is amazing. Can’t wait for Sunday. So glad to see this discussed on The Gloss.

      Peter Dinklage is Tyrion though! Not Tywin! Sorry, not to be a nerd-nazi, but it’s just that Tywin is the terrible, evil, loveless father of the Lannister clan! Don’t root for Tywin! Rooting for Tyrion is completely acceptable and encouraged, because he is awesome. And Dinklage is awesome.

      • Jennifer Wright


    • MaryJanice Davidson

      You two need to take your show on the road. Your article was stuffed with win! Great job!