• Thu, Mar 29 2012

Kardashians Get Chewed Up & Spit Out By Photoshop Monster Again (This Time, For Swimwear)

Oh, this again: the Kardashians have gone and “designed” a line of sweatshop swimwear to go under the already-crowded banner of the Kardashian Kollection. Naturally, they’ve also starred in the campaign. Much like the previously released lingerie ads, this image is a boatload of embarrassingly awful, stiff, distracting digital manipulation–Kim Kardashian, for one, looks like a composite of three or four people–and poor Khloe Kardashian has again been covered up (because, apparently, being bigger than a size 4 means you have to wear a caftan all the time). At least they didn’t get puked on by a bunch of bad bronzer this round. That’s something.

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  • Maria

    What is the black thing clinging to the back of the girl on the right?

    • Ashley Cardiff

      It’s got to be some sort of tie-back or ribbon closure, right? It looks really weird at this angle.

  • Nancy

    Wowwwww they photoshopped the shit out of them!

  • Haley

    What is poor Khloe doing with her face in BOTH ads? How come someone didn’t her not to do that the second time around?

  • Ryssa

    Not mad at Khloe, but why does she let make-up people give her a make-up mustache? It looks as if they take the lipstick and anything from the lower lip up to the bottom of the nose is going to be made-up.

  • itsasecret

    you can totally tell they messed with khloe’s waistline because her left arm is just floating over her hip instead of resting on it like it should be. and if that’s how Kourtney’s middle section looks in real-life then when she un-arches her back, her body would be a triangle and im pretty sure that not how she looks. And kim’s completely photoshopped body is just too much.