Dogs In Weddings: How Do You Feel?

Over at, some ingenious writer has amassed a collection of pictures of dogs in weddings. I have a dog, so obviously I think this is the most wonderful thing ever to be done on the internet. My dog will be a part of my wedding, and I can’t imagine that anyone who has a dog would leave them out of their nuptials.

It just doesn’t make sense.

After all, there are so many potential roles for dogs to play: Ring bearer. Flower dog. Bridesmaid escort. Adorable accessory to anything. Wearer of cute bow-tie and/or corsage. And so forth.

But I suspect that everyone in the world might not share this opinion with me. Some people don’t have dogs, or don’t like dogs, or think that dogs might err on the side of dirty and therefore have no place around such finery as a $2,000+ wedding dress. You’re entitled to your opinion, although you’re wrong.

Anyway, seriously though, let’s open this up to a poll. Kindly weigh in:

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Image by hifiweddings via Glamour

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    • SistaSuzy

      Dogs are very cute in weddings. My husband and I work together … he is a photographer and I am an officiant. Out of 7 weddings where the dog was included – 2 turned out great. The ring bearing dog was acclimated at the rehearsal and on a leash the day of the wedding. At other weddings the dog was carried up or he hid in the back overwhelmed at the amount of people. Most of the dogs were just running loose at the wedding.
      Here is my observations !
      If you have lots of groomsmen in black tux’s and your dog is white, be prepared for hair on your suits in the photos. And the same if you are wearing white and your dog is black. The smaller kids all had more hair on them than the adults, as children naturally love dogs and vice versa.
      The older the dogs are more seasoned and calm, laid back and loving any attention they got. Not all of the dogs loved the attention or the responsibility of being the ring bearer but did just fine in being there. If your dog has never left your house except to go to the vet … you might run in to difficulty when you take them to a strange venue with a large crowd.

      If you want your dog to be there here are my recommendations – give the dog a bath prior to the wedding so they are reasonable fresh, brush them if possible especially if they love attention from anyone, don’t expect too much, if you do expect them to be the ring bearer work with them before hand and acclimate them. Expect them to act like dogs, just like you expect kids to act like kids. Assign someone to attend to the dog if you are at a venue. Most important is to … Have a wedding picture taken with your dog, after all they are part of the family !!
      Susan Latimer