Poll: Which Draper Wife Do You Dislike More?

meghan betty draper

Since all we talk about around here is whether we hate Betty Draper or Meghan Draper more, and no agreement has been reached, we’re going to need your input on this.

Look, there’s a lot that can be said against Betty Draper – she’s cold, she’s a terrible mother, she’s willing to leave Don the minute she finds out that “he’s not a football player who hates his dad.” Personally, I have great affection for Betty Draper, insofar as there is a moment when she and Don are in Italy, and she is flirting in perfect Italian, and you realize “in a different era, this is someone who could have been happy.” But, okay, fine, everything everyone else said.

And Meghan is great with kids and hardworking and cleans the house in her underwear.

But, come on. Zou Bisou Bisou. Look at this lunacy. JUST LOOK. And then please vote.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.


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    • Jamie Peck

      I actually think Meghan is kind of cool, and am willing to chalk up the things about her that annoy me to her being really young. She’s ambitious, she seems to sincerely love Don, and she’s one of the only women in the series who doesn’t seem to think she should have to sacrifice marriage and family in order to have a career. Also, her fucked up teeth are cute.

      • Jamie Peck

        (Don’t get me wrong, I have mad sympathy for Betty, but you couldn’t pay me to hang out with her. )

    • Nicole

      It’s totally tempting to hate Meghan. She slept her way to a better job and she’s also exhibiting the classic problems with a May/December romance, but I agree with the comment above that she has a lot more redeeming qualities than Betty ever did.

      Also – its easy to hate her now since we didn’t have any Betty in the most recent episode. I can’t wait to see how terrible she is this season.

      Never forget – she fired Carla!

      • Not A Mom

        I forgot she fired Carla! Can I change my vote now? I do feel sorry for Betty, and some of her bad parenting can just be chalked up to typical parenting in that era, but that firing Carla thing really made me turn on her.

        I dislike Meghan too. I think the poll needs another choice : “I dislike both evenly.”

    • E.K.W.

      I’m sorry ladies, but I have to disagree. While you make valid points I do NOT like Meghan. I mean, I don’t like her as Don’s wife. Betty is a total bitch but Don treated her horribly and helped turn her into who she is and at least Betty’s not a silly little girl. Meghan and Don will not last.

      • woo

        Betty’s not a silly little girl?? She is the epitome of a silly little girl!! She is a spoiled brat and as much as Megan slept her way to the top, at least she is not a shell of a human being.

        Deep breath, it’s just a show, Woo!!

    • Jenni

      I like Betty. I think she’s a very complex and interesting character. Plus she’s sweet and charming when she’s happy. I don’t feel sorry for her though. I think out of all the women in this show, she has it made.

    • Sarah

      I miss Don and Betty together. Was I the only one who noticed that they were two unhappy people happily married?