Retro Snap: Which A-List Star Is This?

young julia roberts

She has a movie coming out today.

It’s Julia Roberts. Who is now at the wicked witch level of aging in Hollywood, apparently. She’s playing the Evil Stepmother in Mirror, Mirror, which comes out today (and which, frankly, is mostly interesting only if you look at it as Julia Robert’s personal meditation on aging).

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    • jjbsgirl

      I totally guessed Jennifer Lopez.

    • Amy

      Me too! I feel like I’ve seen this photo before, labeled as J.Lo.

    • Kristin

      Yeah that’s definitely Jennifer Lopez, not Julia Roberts.

      • Nancy

        lol No it’s not!

      • Kristin

        Nancy–It was, the editor fixed the pic.

    • jjbsgirl

      Ok. Now that’s Julia Roberts! I spent a long time trying to find Julia Roberts in that 1st pic. Good to know my Maury-dar isn’t totally off!

    • Maggie

      Just googled the Jennifer Lopez pic for a second glance & look what I came across, how cute is this:

    • MR

      Yeah, a long way from ‘Mary Reilly’. Not right. Though Naomi Watts is holding her own at her age.