• Mon, Apr 2 2012

The 25th Annual Kid’s Choice Awards Red Carpet: Selena Gomez, Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry & More

The 25th annual Kid’s Choice Awards went down over the weekend and, boy, Katy Perry went above and beyond in looking like a complete jackass. Kristen Stewart was there looking miserable, Selena Gomez wore a belly top, Emma Stone was only visible in certain light and Kelly Osbourne still has purple hair. All that and more ahead…

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  • Jarvis

    Kristen Stewart looks hideous. Her head is literally coming out of her shoulders.

    • Prince

      “Hideous” is going a little far but it’s not a very flattering dress on her, no.

  • Kit

    Katy Perry looks like an asshole.

  • porkchop

    I’m waiting for the tidal wave of taste backlash from Kiernan Shipka. One day she is going to reach her limit on “age-appropriate and cute” and she will go slouching down the red carpet in De La Huertan rags, slack-jawed, giving us the finger.