Gallery: Five Facts About Transgender Miss Universe Contestant Jenna Talackova

As I noted in my updated post earlier today, the Miss Universe pageant has decided to let transgender contestant Jenna Talackova back into the competition. But that might not be enough for her. In a statement released earlier today by her attorney, Talackova said that she will not be satisfied until Donald Trump eliminates all anti-transgender discrimination from the pageant’s rules. Until that happens, she and her attorney “will be considering all of Jenna’s legal options.” Good for her! But who is this plucky, blonde, trans rights warrior? I internet stalked her a little bit to find out.

(Photos via ModelMayhem)

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    • Lyndsey

      I am so excited for her…..being a Miss Universe contestant is an amazing experience!!
      ***notice how I didn’t refer to her as a Transgender Miss Universe contestant?? People need to stop calling her by that title…bottom line is–is that SHE is a woman, and she deserves to be addressed as such!

      • Jordan

        You would say these things, your name is “Lyndsey”. Being a pageant contestant is a useless experience which does not prepare any of these duffers for anything important in life. All of these girls go on to pose for men’s magazines once and then go live in the suburbs in their bad marriages. It must be great to be known as a former “beauty queen” around the cul-de-sac…right?!