Velvet Chokers: How Do You Feel?

Apparently, famous people looking to accessorize are now turning their mightily coiffed heads towards velvet chokers. I don’t know about you, but viewing pictures such as those featured above makes me feel as if I’m being transported directly back in time to 1992, Adam Greenberg’s Bar Mitzvah, Temple Beth Shalom.

And as uncomfortable as a virtual return to middle school is, what’s worse is that I have the distinct sensation that that’s how I’m supposed to feel…because these necklaces are straight ’90s retro.

So, I have this to say about the whole thing: I don’t mind the Chloë Moretzes and, say, the Kiernan Shipkas of the world wearing these. The necklaces are pretty cute, and they are a nice departure, I guess, from standard-issue gold and gemstones. But they’re really only a departure if you were a baby (or just a sperm!) in the 1990s. And so, Salma Hayek? Emmy Rossum? You should know better.

Photos by Everett, WireImage, Splash News Online via People

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    • MM

      I still have the black velvet choker (trimmed with lace to boot) that I made in my 11th grade sewing class. But to be honest, I find it too embarrassing for anything outside of goth night.

    • Sarah M

      Velvet chokers coming back may just be the best thing that has ever happened to my life. Hallelujah.

    • Denise

      They have always reminded me of the urban legend of the lady whose head will fall off if you remove her black velvet choker.

    • Naomi

      Straight up 1890s, actually.

    • Fallencherubim

      I’m glad they are coming back, they give us a sophisticated look, don’t matter what we wear :)