We Go Reality On Lauren Conrad’s Glamour Interview

In an interview Glamour‘s May issue, Lauren Conrad talks about what happens when reality TV editors get a hold of footage — they slice it up, insert comments where comments were not, and cut sentences apart to get what they need. “These poor editors have to make something out of nothing sometimes, because so much money goes into every shoot,” she said.

Well, we thought that sounded like fun, so here, we’ve taken quotes from Lauren’s interview somewhat out of context in order to caption her photos. Fun!

Photos by Peggy Sirota via Glamour

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    • Cee

      I think the reason I can have such a big crush on Lauren Conrad is the fact that I don’t watch MTV (where is the music?!) therefore, I have never watched any of her shows. I like the stuff shes designed and find her to be an all around a charming girl. She’s the walking Pinterest board I can like…yea, Zooey Deschanel, I don’t want none of that.

      Also she can probably be the new Marsha Brady.

      • Lemona

        I am in the same boat –I’ve never seen her on TV, but I see her clothing designs and like them well enough, and . . . Pinterest! Not only is she a walking Pinterest board, she’s all over everyone’s actual Pinterest boards — there, smiling, providing a helpful hint on how to wear my hair in a messy ponytail, or do a smoky eye that isn’t too smoky . . .