9 Avoidable Fights You Never Need To Have

stop fighting with your significant other
It’s happened again. You’re locked in the bathroom wiping away tears and you refuse to come out until he apologizes. You’re not even sure what he has to apologize for, but you’re pissed off and upset and confused, and you’re wondering what led you down this path in the first place.

Every couple fights. But some fights — the shitty, stupid fights — can be avoided. These are the unnecessary blow-ups that will ruin your weekend and, if you let them, ruin your relationship.

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    • epilonious

      Massive super props for the “We need to go to Ikea” fight.

      I feel like the best use of Ikea is for bookshelves and to keep the bookshelf boxes for when I need to buy size-check the new hatchback I’ve had my eye-on.

      I also laughed my ass off at the concept.