Meet Venus Angelic, The Girl Who Wants To Be A Doll

Here at TheGloss, we can’t get enough of extreme body modification paired with extended adolescence. The latest in a line of many circle lens-wearers is fifteen-year-old Venus Angelic, ostensibly a personal style blogger, who dresses like a doll. So goes her blog’s welcome:

Im a girl, and I like girly things! Just like this heart here, which is for you ♡! BY THE WAY! I’m a youtuber making videos! (youtube user VenusAngelic) I make videos about how to style Japanese and other things you dont even think about that they could be what they are! Because my sparkling personality, my voice and my me exists only once in this entire universe, you better subscribe!

Venus, along with her mother Margaret Palermo, appeared on British morning show Daybreak. Palermo defends Venus, saying, “I  would be horrified if she came home pregnant, I am not horrified if she is innocent and [a] very nice, good girl who likes some cute clothes and frills and ribbons.” Since we do not live in a world of false dilemmas, one might also say that the best outcome for teenage girls is not getting pregnant and not aspiring to be a doll.

The talk show does a efficient job of spinning this into “catastrophic psychological problems” territory, when it’s clear they’ve just never really encountered kawaii culture (or is this lolita?)… and this isn’t even a very extreme example at that. Moreover, Venus’ sartorial inclinations don’t appear to be doing anyone any harm, other than that it looks strange.

Honestly, we’re way more disturbed by Kim Kardashian.


(via The Daily Mail)

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    • Lilac

      She looks really sad in that still frame shot.

    • Amy

      Also, is her real name Venus Angelic? Because if it is… I bet her folks’ friends are winning bets on how this kid turned out exactly like they predicted.

    • Fabel

      I think there are too many of these girls when I start thinking to myself “Oh, I like the Barbie one better.”

    • Niki

      Come on now, how could you do an article on this chick and leave out the creepy, faux japanese, borderline racist accent she speaks in on YouTube? She swears its real!

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Holy shit, really? I haven’t actually seen her speak. I will go watch her on Youtube now.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        [UPDATE] Oh. My. God.

      • Anna

        Well, if you watch the video on The Mail’s website, you hear her mother has a rather strong Russian accent. That’s probably where she gets some of her accent herself.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Her accent definitely isn’t Russian.

      • nana

        Jesus people, can no one tell what a Russian accent and Japanese accent sound like? She has neither. She is half Swiss and half Hungarian,.

    • Pippy Longstocking

      I fear the music in the background of the video is secretly beaming subliminal messages into my brain.

      Ah, I’m sure it’s nothing. I’m off to go out shopping for some Max Factor foundation now.

    • Maris

      I think she broke when she said “freckles.”

    • Ari

      She sounds like a three year old… How old is this girl? She should be able to describe powder better than “it’s like whoaaa”.

    • Kitty

      She is just an Anime obsessed girl who claims to know Japanese (even though people pointed out how bad she was at speaking it) and loves doing a fake Japanese accent. She acts like one of those airhead type girls out of an Anime that is all cute like but has the brain of a freaking 5 year old (even sounds like one) yet the guy for some reason always falls for that girl.

      This look is common with Japanese pop culture obsessed girls. My cousin is like this, she spent 40+ bucks on some fake lashes because it was endorsed by a popular Jpop singer and she thought it would make her look like her and the singer has an animeish look.

      • Laughing

        i think you’ll find she isn’t putting an accent on, she isn’t trying to be asian, nor is she asian. She is from a europian country I believe, so actually she isn’t faking, her mother shares the accent.

      • Anne

        True. She is from a European country called the UNITED KINGDOM. Where, last time I checked, they do tend to speak English. And sometimes even in very funny accents, but nothing like this one.

    • miriam

      She was on day break the other day her mum has the same accent. I feel for her in away as she feels the has to change the way she is on the other hand shes happy and isnt hurting anyone doing what she is doing

    • leah

      the Girls in Japan do this kind of makeup all the time
      It’s called Gyaru
      Shes coping the method of Gyaru make-up
      Gyaru make-up is supposed to make your eye look like western eyes
      on actual western eyes it looks like your a doll
      and her clothes are simply Japanese lolita clothes there based on Victorian clothes

    • red

      bravo for a 15th year old girl who is brave to follow her dream at an early age. According to an author but forgot his name, by the age of 20 a man should be working for himself and she is only 15 merely playing. She is just a kid BOLDLY expressing what she wants. Its like choosing what clothes to wear. Lets not complicate thoughts, SHE REALLY IS A LIVING DOLL :) and i mean no harm.

    • mizu

      oh my god, it’s lolita right? she doesn’t want to be a doll, she’s just wearing a clothing style. DUMBASSES.
      sure she’s acting a little too cutesy for my personal taste, but hey it’s a LOT better than getting pregnant at 15! jeez..

    • .

      I can’t believe the attention all these websites are giving to this girl.

      This is NOT new or unique to her. You guys clearly haven’t done your research or have the ability to recognize a weeaboo when you see one.
      She’s fifteen years old. A MAJORITY of teenagers and preteens get obsessed with cutesy anime/lolita culture these days. Whether it’s sexual at it’s roots or to creepers on the web doesn’t concern them; I doubt most young girls come into it thinking of it as a sexual thing, especially the fashion.

      This girl just want’s attention. And to be Japanese. Which are a little more concerning, don’t you think?

      It’s one of those “ignore it and it’ll go away” situations.

      Though I’m kind of baffled about the sheer number of people who actually care.

    • lady celeste

      To be honest, she is a very pretty girl and she doesnt need all that makeup to look beautiful! Also, she shouldnt be exposing herself the way she does on Youtube. She needs to realize that she is becoming a target for pedophiles. Another thing is that its crazy how her mom is actually allowing her to exploit herself! Especially on an online video site where the whole world can see!

      The one thing that drove me crazy was when her mother went and blocked the girls that were commenting nice things on her videos. Her mom needs mental help. Bad.

    • Jackie

      Ugh, I remember when this came up in the loli community. Why do people give her such a hard time for wanting to be cute, including in her style of dress? Don’t most people say to be yourself? Personally, I find loli to be much cuter than and much more appropriate than what most teenagers wear nowadays, and I was still one myself earlier this year.

      • Helena

        “Be yourself” is the worst advice you can give some people.

    • Okos

      She have a strong Hungarian accent. Its not so special but real. This style in some years won`t be interesting. She will find out who is she in her soul hopefully. The old lady will be funny in this style. Grandy baby? So wake up it´s never too late!