I Feel Bad For Kim Kardashian

Check on any most-hated celebrity list these days, and you will assuredly come across one Kim Kardashian. Kim, as I definitely don’t need to tell you, rose to prominence by dating actor Nick Lachey, then got catapulted to fame when her sex tape with Ray J was “leaked,” which was followed by a crazed and ultimately very successful attempt by her psychotic mother Kris Jenner to land the entire family on a reality show.

That show, of course, was “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” and the family now also has like a billion spin-offs, including “Kourtney and Kim Take New York,” “Some Other Sisters Take Miami,” and “Khloe and Lamar.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking — how is it possible to feel sorry for such a bunch of shamelessly self-promoting individuals? And hear that concern. But my feeling bad for Kim Kardashian has been slowly building up, from when it first became apparent that she was succumbing to the demands of Hollywood’s anti-aging machine to when her short-lived marriage revealed that she was nothing more than a product in her mother’s eyes. And recently, I had an experience that I’d like to share with you, that really cemented my pity in stone.

Here’s a clip from Season 1 of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” You’ll probably recall that Kim once posed for Playboy. But do you remember that it was kind of Kris Jenner who pushed her into it? Here, Kim gives a little of that pressure back to her mother:

OK. So I don’t expect that clip to endear her to anyone. And maybe you’re even thinking that if a person feels that their life is worth being captured and broadcast on national television, they do need a little bit of a reality check.

But here’s where my pity comes in. Compare the Kim you saw in that video clip to the Kim of today. Here’s another excerpt from their show, only from this year:

Kim is kind of different these days. First of all, it looks like she’s had some pretty significant work done. But more than that, she’s become pretty stiff, somewhat unlike her former self, that all I can attribute it to is the knowledge that the whole world pretty much hates her, and that every word she utters, every thought she thinks, every movement she makes will likely be ripped apart, trampled upon and spat out like a rotten Carls’ Jr. hamburger.

Some among you might feel that she brought this upon herself by entering into reality TV in the first place, although I would argue that her mother kind of made that decision for her. But even more than that, I do genuinely believe that no one deserves to have their job be being despised by the entire world, unless you’re a murderous dictator. Kim Kardashian isn’t a murderous dictator. She’s a talentless celebrity, and in fact she’s a form of entertainment — she’s a hate-watch. She’s basically a vessel for everyone to dump their unresolved feelings of rage and sadness into, and in her face and her mannerisms (or lack thereof), it’s starting to show.

Look, I’m not saying that we all have to be best friends with Kim Kardashian. But I am saying that it must really fucking suck to get knocked down so hard and find that once you’re on the ground, the world delights in kicking you with steel-toed boots.

So will I watch her show now? Probably not. But I still feel sorry for her.

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    • Cee

      She has a crap load of money and is a 30 something grown ass woman. She can move away from her mom yet she has an almost Anna Nicole-esque baby/princess complex that keeps her at home because her momma treats her like a baby. Everyone in the family has pointed out that the mom doesn’t give a rats ass about the siblings, only for Kim. They seem to have a very disturbing relationship that she is dependent on. I don’t feel bad for her. She has the means to fix this, but undoubtedly nobody would kiss her ass and cater to her as much as her mommy does.

      • h

        My thoughts exactly!

    • Maggie

      How can you genuinely feel bad when you know she has the option to not continue her job as most-hated celeb? Part of hating the Kardashians is that they are always being shoved in our faces, look at the tabloids, (literally for next week,) 3/5 covers are Kardashians. & no doubt most of the tabloid stories were tipped off by Kris Jenner. Everyone has a choice, and when you make 65 million in one year, you have more options available than to continue down an unfriendly road. Let her be a shell of her former self, it’s her choice and a choice she’s made for money, not for sympathy

    • DebMoore

      Nope, still do not feel sorry for her!

    • Cate

      Yes it must suck to be her, yes she is getting pretty dead-behind-the-eyes, but no I do not feel sorry for her. As several other commenters pointed out, she can walk away whenever she wants.

    • Penelope

      I knew the Gloss’s April Fool’s Day article on Kim K. was a joke, but I kept thinking as I was reading how great it would be if it was actually true, and how much more I’d like her if she did something like that. She’s in a situation that’s messed up, yes, but she has all the power to fix it. Her mom would be out a lot of money and notoriety if Kim left all this behind, so it’s not like Kris Jenner has that much real power over her.

      I think she’s a famewhore, definitely, and if not mastermining, then definitely complicit in some pretty messed-up stuff (the wedding, for instance) but I don’t see her as a victim. She can take control and walk away any time she wants to.

    • C

      No, it’s not about her feeling hated. Kim has always been a ham for cameras. Over time, she has “perfected” the way she carries herself so as never to get caught mid-yawn or scratching herself, etc. She doesn’t want people to pause the DVR and see her looking silly. I noticed that in many photos with her in them, other people sometimes look awkward–as is natural when a photograph captures a split second in time. But not Kim. I personally would hate to live that way, but this is what she views as her career, and she’s made millions off of it, so I don’t feel sorry for her.

      Also, she carried herself much more stiffly than usual when she was around Kris. I believe this is because (if the marriage was real) she was having doubts even before the wedding. Plus, in the second clip, she was [acting] sad because she was thinking about her late father.

      And to anyone who says they feel sorry for her, I am curious: Do you ever feel sorry for poor people, or for people who do not fit the Hollywood definition of beauty? Because if the answer is no (not that anyone would admit feeling such bias), then you are just falling for Kim and everyone else who uses their looks and PR team to get you to love them.

    • Tallulah

      She has all that money and fame – She could easily use it to make a difference in the world. Instead she buys shoes.

      This article made me nearly want to cry for her at the end. But then I thought of the above. She could be starting charities, being a good role model to young women, or using her fame to bring attention to important issues.

      But she does nothing.

    • betsy cortez

      I do not feel the least bit sorry for Kim Kardashian! She is a 31 year old woman that does not have to worry about food, shelter or any other financial stress and should be able to make her own decisions. This is a person who became famous for a sex tape and it proud of it so her past decisions have not been good nor has she learned from them. Worst of all, Kim Kardashian showed us her true opinion of the covenant of marriage and exactly how selfish she truly is. Now she is saying she is going back to church! No one believes a word she says anymore.

      I think the straw that broke the camel’s back was when Kim stated that they did not profit from the wedding being on Bravo!!! Come on, we can all do the math. Bravo paid the Kardashians $18,000,000 to broadcast that wedding. The wedding did not cost anywhere near that. In fact, I wonder how many of the vendors had to give their services for free to have their names displayed during and after the show. So who got to keep the difference? Kim and her publicity machine. The funds from the gifts were only grudgingly given to charity after more bad publicity. Kris Humphries has even started trying to get his share of the massive amount money paid for that wedding and that does not even count the collateral sales resulting from the Kardashian money making monopoly surrounding the wedding fiction.

    • Adrienne

      I’m sorry I ever laughed at Kim Kardashian. After seven brief months, my husband and I are divorcing due to unforeseeable and irreconcilable differences, as well as a request for negotiated infidelity on his part. It is crushing and I feel like a complete failure. I’m sorry Kim went through this. If you haven’t been through this type of thing, you don’t know how hard, embarrassing, and how much of a failure you feel like. We took our vows seriously and look where we are.