When Is It Appropriate To Wear Sweatpants In Public? 2 Guides!

We came across this guide explaining when it is appropriate for college girls to wear sweatpants. Pretty much all the time, it would appear.

Now, to be fair, that might be true because people are in college. There is also probably a “college girl’s guide to having sex with coke dealers.” Things you do in college are not things you do in the world that exists after college. You can consult Animal House to see why this is so. In honor of that, we made you another guide to determine when you should be wearing sweatpants. This one is for you, adult ladies:


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    • BL

      agreed. Even in college, things can get excessive.

      • Lindsey

        Way excessive. I remember my first semester I just assumed everyone had just been at, or was going to the gym or for a run… nope! Just lazy!

        I’m all for people being comfortable… But why not leggings and a skirt? Or comfy jeans? Or the Jennifer Wright approved ‘just wear a dress’? So many options to make people look like real people.